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By introducing a garden pond waterfall in your back yard both elegance and ambience can be achieved to your overall landscaping. People love to hear the melody of water cascading by waterfall or streaming via fountains. A constant soothing background noise can ease stress and provide for a secluded escape. Visually there is no greater image than a fully rushing waterfall cascading down into a colorful garden pond. A garden pond waterfall can be installed in most back yards and additional features like fountains or pond aeration can be easily added. Think of the limitless beauty of a garden pond waterfall by including lilies, lotuses, irises, papyrus, water hyacinth, and water lettuce. Adding Koi fish to your garden pond waterfall will only enhance your back yard experience.

Water�s intrinsic healing and protecting properties alone are benefits enough to entice one to create a garden pond waterfall. The notion to create a tropical paradise including tranquil sounds of flowing water is truly therapeutic in itself. There is a soothing presence which is brought to any environment when outdoor waterfalls are implemented. In today�s world, eliminating and reducing stress are at the forefront of our times and certainly ponds and waterfalls can help peel off the stress we live daily. Once we are fully relaxed the body is able to rebuild, regenerate and regroup.

A pump is required to activate your garden pond waterfall which will recycle the water through the pond to keep the water moving and prevent stagnant water. Through our links at ponds-and-waterfalls we offer kits including preformed ponds, electric pumps with filter, tubing, fittings, etc� These kits have gotten very creative and can even resemble rock like structures for a really cool look. Typically you can find both submerged fiberglass and plastic pond structures which will fit your needs. Preformed pond starter kits start out at about $100. The pond liner offers greater flexibility to fit in the ground over its fiberglass counterpart. The fiberglass preformed pond, however, offers greater strength and durability for long use.

Adding fish to your garden pond waterfall is a great idea but keep in mind that you will need to maintain algae and bacteria levels. In addition to having add chemicals and nutrients to keep your fish healthy, you will also need to keep the water temperature right around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Improper temperature can often cause havoc to a new owner of Koi fish so hire a professional especially if this is your first approach to creating a garden pond waterfall. Pending cold weather climate in your region, you may also require a heater to keep the water warm in the colder months. In some cases a de-icer may be necessary. Ponds-and-waterfalls again suggests the use of a professional to handle the addition of fish. Keep in mind that although you have a closed system you still must account for birds of prey (hawks, eagles, etc.) which are exterior to your system. A rock overhand or floating log in the water is recommended so the fish can hide in the shade to adjust for potential predators.

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Author: Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin is an active pond and waterfall fan from the great state of Michigan. He has been instrumental in pond aeration via the use of fountains.

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