Garden Maintenance 101: Pest Control

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Wow. You have built yourself a wonderful garden. Yes, undeniably, you didn't achieve this without hard work and dedication. This is why it is just so hard to lose some plants and flowers to the enemy -- the pests.

Pests could be skunks, bees, slugs, snails, snakes, bugs and many others. They invade your garden and just easily devour all your hard work. Yes, it isn't very fair on your part. Well, you turn things around by practicing pest management control on your garden. You can finally get rid of them once and for all.

Remember: All tips are harmless to you and your plants so you may want to try some of these to eliminate pests in your garden.

Tip # 1:

Mix powder and warm water together. Spray them on all your plants and flowers. This mixture will keep away all who wants to eat them. This will give your plant a rather sour taste for those unwanted guests.

Tip # 2:

Buy a quality germicidal soap and spray it on all of your plants and flowers. Don't worry. This kind of soap is harmless to your family especially if you have babies. Germicidal soap will kill any pests who dare to take a bite of your plants and flowers.

Tip # 3:

Neem oil is an angel on earth -- especially for your garden. Sprinkle a fair amount on all your plants and flowers to keep those creeters away.

Tip # 4:

Dice up some basil, thyme and mint. Spread them all over your garden. Pests just can't stand these herbs. Actually, this trio had been used even in medieval times to protect gardens and forests.

Side Tip: Create a tea bag like package containing these 3 herbs - hung them on your plants' leaves and branches.

Tip # 5:

Put some beer on little containers and spread them around your garden. Beer appears to have a chemical content that is just right to drown and kill garden pests.

Tip # 6:

Care for a bird or two. Birds just love eating garden pests.

Tip # 7:

Pour out diatomaceous earth on the ground. This will kill pests from getting into your plants and flowers.

Tip # 8:

Light several candles in the night time. All pests are scared of fire. This really gets into their heads.

Tip # 9:

Wrap around chicken wire on your plants and cover them with a thin polyester cloth. They would not be able to touch any of your plants and flowers.

Tip # 10:

Install motion detector sensors on your sprinklers. Startle those plant burglars and eaters even before they get to them.

Tip # 11:

Plant flora that pests hate. Yes, such plants do exist. Go to your local garden center or search the net about them. Get your army planted as soon as you find out about the annoying pests.

Gone are the days that you are put to shame by these pests. Take a stand and protect your garden with these natural and inexpensive garden pests control tips.

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Author: George Pool
This writer for Pool Prodigy is a leader in pool salt systems and salt water chlorine generator pool supplies.

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Article Title: Garden Maintenance 101: Pest Control

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