Garden Finials � Complete Your Garden With Style

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Complete your garden with style

Garden Finials, statues and weather vanes are all a great way to complete the look to your outdoor home.

Many people expand their homes from just decorating the inside of their house to also decorating the outside. It makes sense. If you are paying a mortgage on a yard and a home, why would you only decorate one part of this space and leave the rest unloved? Why not decorate all parts of your home, inside and out.

Inside the house, decorating is generally by the books. A bedroom will get a bed, dresser, nightstands and other pieces of furniture. In the dining room you need a dining room table, china cabinet and maybe a buffet. But, what are the decorating needs of your back yard?

If you are planning to create a garden escape in your backyard, you will need a number of elements � furniture, plants, garden finials, and other accents that complete the environment you are trying to build.

When selecting the garden furniture to put in your backyard, there are many pieces to sort out to make sure you create a complete escape environment. While it�s nice to have chairs, benches and other places to sit in your backyard getaway, it�s also nice to have a series of focal points that you can enjoy looking at when you are sitting in your retreat. While flowers and planters are nice, there are other items such as garden finials and weathervanes you can use to add more impact.

Garden finials are decorative additions to the yard. If you aren�t quite sure what finials are, they were originally decorative accents put on the tops of fence posts around a yard. Then the idea came across to not just limit them to the edge of the yard, but to allow them to come inside. Finials then were placed on the top of tall poles so they could be put in the ground as an accent in any garden. Today�s garden finials come in a number of designs and materials to be able to be accent any backyard theme.

Weathervanes are another decorative addition that can be added to your backyard getaway. In days of old, weather vanes were as functional as they were decorative. These pieces of metal on open-rotating poles were a way for farmers of the time to be able to find out what was happening with the weather. In a day before television and meteorologists, they had to take all the information they could get from the air around them to try and determine what may be coming their way. Today, weather vanes are used more frequently as decorative touches in yards. Weathervanes can be beautifully cut pieces of metal that spin around with the breeze and offer a nice focal point.

While seasonal flowers are a great way to dress up your garden, it�s the final accents like weather vanes and garden finials that will create a backyard getaway you will love season after season.

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Article Title: Garden Finials � Complete Your Garden With Style

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