Garden Fencing Solutions For Growing Vegetables

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Things were going great in the early stages. I had just recently started growing vegetables in my back yard and things were moving along very well. Certain vegetables were growing somewhat slowly, and I didn�t expect things to be so smooth forever, but I had faith things would turn out well no matter what obstacles I would have to face. It wasn�t long before I faced one of the first setbacks in cultivating a vegetable garden and discovered that I would have to put in garden fencing.

I had grown vegetables in the past but it was a communal garden and it was ages ago so when the rabbits started to ruin my garden, I was totally caught off guard. Luckily, because of my experience, I not only knew the answer was garden fencing but I also knew exactly what kind of garden fencing was required.

Straightaway I went and purchased the wire garden fencing and had it put in as soon as possible. It�s not necessarily a job you need to hire someone for as anyone with basic construction skills should be able to handle it. Personally my construction skills could use some work but luckily I had the help of my husband. The first thing we did was we checked the border of the garden to determine what length of garden fencing we needed. I decided to include a somewhat larger area than the actual vegetable garden because I knew I would be adding more vegetables when things were under control. Now what we used was wire garden fencing with a green vinyl coating. It wasn�t panels but a rolled up sheet of fencing that was unraveled around metal posts. We had each post installed on the border of the garden and then had the wire fencing affixed around the garden.

One thing you may want to be sure of is that there are no spaces within the garden fencing. Shortly after having the fence put in, I went into the yard to discover a rabbit trapped inside of the garden. The rabbit must�ve gotten in through a gap but couldn�t find its way out! What we did was check the fencing and make sure all gaps were gotten rid of and we also made sure that the fencing was firm against the ground so that no rabbit would be able to sneak under the garden fencing either.

The wire garden fencing turned out great and not only did it keep animals from ruining my garden, but some vegetables ended up developing better with the fence as support. Wire garden fencing is very functional and practical but after we had it for a while I found some time to have it replaced. In the end I put in a much more visually appealing one that still protects my vegetables. Not all garden fencing can be used for keeping rabbits away from your vegetables but there is garden fencing available that can do the job of protecting vegetable gardens and is also much nicer looking than simple wire garden fencing.

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Article Title: Garden Fencing Solutions For Growing Vegetables

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