Garden Fencing - How to Buy The Best Fence For Your Garden

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You may want to put up a fence for security and privacy reasons, or it may be so that you want to grow climbing plants up it. Whatever your decision, make sure you do some research on each type of fence.

Wind Conditions

If your garden is often hit by strong winds then you want to make sure that it can withstand it and not blow over. If this is the case you should avoid buying a solid fence. Instead look for an open-work fence or even plant a hedge.


You will see a lot of wooden fences preserved with creosote however this can be harmful to plants and wildlife so you may want to avoid it.

After some years of owning your wooden fence, you may find that it starts to lean over, when this happens, place a strut against it for support, and then disguise it by growing some plants over it.

Increasing the Height of Your Fence

If you have owned your fence for some time or "inherited" it from a previous owner you may find you would like some more privacy. This is very easy to deal with, simply buy a trellis and attach it to the top of the fence. When doing this, make sure that the fence posts have first of all been extended to at least the height of the trellis. What is great about doing this is that extension panels come in a variety of shapes and styles - so you can give your old fence a totally new look.


As previously mentioned, fences are ideal for adding security to your property. For added security you can buy anti-climb spikes which attach onto the top of the fence. There are a variety of deterrents available - some of these look more vicious than others. Alternatively there is also anti-climb paint which never sets so it would have to be quite a determined thieve to want to burgle your home.

A more "organic" way to deter intruders is to grow prickly plants such as brambles and roses. As an added bonus they are great for attracting wildlife!

As you can see there is more that just one type of fence to buy. Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought and you don't simply rush out any buy the first fence you see in the garden supply store.

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Author: George Kerr
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