Fragrant Plants - Four Outstanding Choices For Your Garden

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Fragrant plants can be wonderful in the garden...what is a garden with out at least one?

What could be nicer than sitting on your patio, meandering along your front walk or walking through your rear yard and all of a sudden getting a whiff of a beautiful fragrance? When adding fragrant plants, be sure to place them in areas where they can be appreciated.

Here are four fragrant plants that I would highly recommend:


Lilacs will bloom in April or May depending on what area of the country you live. They come in many different colors, but generally whites, pinks and purples.

Most are rather tall, but some, like 'Miss Kim' are of a shorter stature. Here is a tip on keeping them blooming. Cut out one third of the stems every year. After three years, the Lilac will be totally rejuvenated.

Lilacs in the landscape can be used wherever some height (and seasonal color) is desired. For example, perhaps you have a bed of low plants and you just need one that is taller for diversity. Sometimes even three Lilacs together can be very showy. Their fragrance is outstanding. Lilacs can even be used as a hedge for property screening, although they will lose their leaves in the winter. They usually have the height necessary. A row of Lilacs in bloom is breathtaking.


There are so many types of Roses. Not all of them are fragrant. Most of the newer shrub varieties have no fragrance, yet they themselves do have wonderful qualities. Many of them are disease and insect resistant. I think everyone will agree that this is a great asset!

What is interesting about Roses is that there are different fragrances. If you are lucky enough to visit a garden center when the roses are in bloom, you can tell which ones are fragrant. However, tag on rose plants or online information should indicate whether a particular variety is fragrant or not.

You can use low Roses in your garden, such as those that are two to three feet tall. There are many taller types. In addition Roses that are vines can be used in interesting ways. Think of the positioning of them so that you can enjoy them and the wonderful fragrances the most. Consider using them on a pergola or trellis near or at your patio.


Lavender is a perennial that has been used through the years for such things as sachets. It has a lovely fragrance and the plant itself is charming. One of my favorite varieties is Lavender 'Hidcote". Lavender happens to look very nice in front of Roses. In this design you would get to enjoy the fragrance of both!

Koreanspice Viburnum (Carlesii Viburnum)

This is a shrub that produces very fragrant flowers. It is available as a large shrub, but there is a compact version also. It blooms in early spring. The plant itself is lovely, as is the fragrance of the flowers.

There are other fragrant plants available. However, any of the above will be sure to provide outstanding results.

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Susan Schlenger is a Landscape Designer with a degree in Landscape Architecture. You can read more about at her website.

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