Flowers and Their Different Meanings

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We are familiar with the concept of giving people flowers to mark certain occasions or just to help brighten up their day. However there are a whole raft of meanings linked to certain types of flowers with some believing they should only be given to signify certain occasions. The most familiar one to everyone is the idea of red roses on Valentines day.

In the world of flowers as gifts the idea of sending ones which are blue can be linked to trying to send a message of peace and sincerity. The colour blue is seen as having a calming influence so it has its place in being used to create this feeling in a room. The blue used for this is normally more subtle and is not a loud, strong blue colour which can be seen as overpowering.

Carnations are an extremely popular flower to send someone and within carnations there are slightly different meanings depending on the colours that you send. A white version is seen as signifying good luck and pure love while a dark red carnation shows a deep love and affection. Light red is used to point towards simple admiration of the person and pink has what may be the most powerful meaning which is that of a mothers love. This, as with many meanings and symbols behind flowers, comes from strong symbolism going back centuries.

The chrysanthemum has strong meaning especially in the Far East. In Japan it is seen as meaning perfection. The colours and their meaning do not really change as it is more the flower itself which is the focus of the symbolism.

Daffodils are a very popular springtime flower both in the garden and in florists. It is no real surprise that the daffodil is seen as meaning regeneration and rebirth due to it being amongst the first signs that we have moved out of winter into spring. There are many myths around the world which are directly connected to the daffodil but all have the same rebirth idea.

The lily is another flower which can have different meanings depending on the colour you give. The colour white with a lily can mean virtue or chastity. Pink can indicate wealth and prosperity especially with a particular type of lily called the stargazer. They are a regular flower at funerals and are used to show that the dead persons soul has regained its innocence.

Lastly the rose is of course a sign of love and devotion. The red rose is synonymous with love due to Valentines day however other colours can mean different things. A white rose indicates a sense of innocence and humility while a yellow rose is more for joy and showing friendship. Other colours include pink for admiration and appreciation, orange for desire, while purple can be used to indicate it was love at first sight.

So these are just a few examples of what different meanings can be associated to different flowers and their colours. There are so many to choose from but it may give you a bit more to think about when going to send them as a gift or for that special occasion. However do not just get side tracked with a potential meaning as if you or the person likes a particular type or colour then that is always the best thing to get.

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Author: Adriana Notton
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Article Title: Flowers and Their Different Meanings

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