Flowers Are For Everyone to Love

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There are many, many flowers given every single day in honor of something or another. People give them as anniversary presents, congratulatory gifts and at times to show appreciation for all that was done. They are rarely given to men but every now and then, a man appreciates the gift of a flower.

Flowers that group together on plants are used to pollinate, to spread the seeds, of the plant for future production. The main purpose of the blossoms is to pollinate and produce seeds for reproduction. They usually attract pollinators by scent or by their color schemes. Since they are stationary, they rely on birds, bees and other insects to carry the pollen for them.

Some can be very expensive, usually due to their rarity or uniqueness. If it was difficult to find or obtain, it becomes much more special, which always makes the price higher. Bouquets can be bought not only in shops around the world but from personal vendors in some areas and even in grocery stores.

Selling, buying and producing them is done differently all over the world. Some are not found in one country, while they practically take over an area of another.

Some have petals that are attractive only to insects that eat the flesh of dead animals. They even give off the scent of a dead animal in order to attract those insects. There are other blossoms that only bloom at night and attract bats and other night visitors by their scent. These flowers are usually white. They have no need for coloring, as they are not trying to attract anything that is attracted visually.

Some blossoms are regarded as symbols of certain things, such as red roses, which are the blossoms of love and passion, daisies for innocence and lilies as a symbol of life or resurrection. Artists like Van Gogh and Monet have rendered beautiful still paintings of baskets and bouquets. They also have some significance in religious cultures around the world.

Cauliflower and broccoli are members of the flower vegetable family. Artichokes are also considered part of that family. There are many spices, such as Saffron, that are made from dried blossoms that have been ground into powder. Some are processed with other ingredients to make certain spices while others are used pure. A bloom called hops is used to flavor beer. Wine flavoring and honey products are also made from blooms. Consumers regularly purchase tea that is flavored with such blossoms as jasmine, chamomiles, roses and chrysanthemums. They do not supply a good deal of nutrition when they are consumed but they definitely add flavoring and aroma to many normal foods and drinks.

Flowers have been used by humans for several different purposes, not just to make rooms and landscapes look pretty but also as food and apologetic gifts. When a man is seen picking up a bouquet of flowers, there is generally an occasion happening that would merit such a thing. Men apologize with them and candy hoping their women will forgive and forget.

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Author: Adriana Notton
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Article Title: Flowers Are For Everyone to Love

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