Flower Gardening Basics For Those Whose Thumbs Are Turning Green

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The first thing that usually pops in your mind about gardening is flower gardening. Flowers and gardening are almost synonymous. And being the dedicated gardener that you are, you will naturally be tending your own gardening this spring.

Flower gardening need not be limited only to summertime. If you plan carefully and plant ahead of time, your garden can be filled with an abundance of flowers throughout the year.

If you go by seasons, then for spring flowers, a good thing you could do is to plant bulbs. Any nursery should carry them, and if have a penchant for the exotic, and rare flowering bulbs, you can likely have the gardening center order it for you.

Favorites amongst plant lovers are early springtime Crocuses, and cheerful Snowdrops. Tulips though, are by and away the most famous of bulbs in demand by flower gardeners, and and come in a variety of hues, including a black-colored one, which is more like a deep maroon and one of those rare flowers I mentioned earlier.

Remember that all spring flowering bulbs should be planted in mid autumn, as this is the best time for them. Come any closer to winter and you will likely lose them bulbs altogether.

Moving through to summer, we find that perennials are a firm favorite of gardeners as they yield blooms nearly constantly throughout the season, and sometimes beyond. With a little luck and care, you�ll also find that the majority of your perennials will survive until next year, and the next, and, well you know what I mean, right? You will additionally find that as the years and the seasons wear on, your perennials will become heartier, and generally will become more abundant than they were when you first planted them.

As autumn gently closes in most flower gardens are left bereft of anything but a few small sturdy plants. If you're into more dedicated flower gardening however, that does not have to be the case for you. Hardy, drought resistant flowers like Asters number among the many types of fall flowers available, and will look fabulous in late summer/early fall, Generally, autumn plants will grow to a good 3-4 feet in height, and have vibrant tones, as well as the more serene pastel colors to choose from. Ornamental grasses are another classic choice and will nicely complement your autumn arrangement.

To complete the year and your efforts at flower gardening, don't be concerned as there are many winter flowers available. Amaryllis, Hyacinth, and Narcissus are a few of the more common known flowers and are can be purchased in bulb form. If you desire something a little more original, you could always try Winter Jasmine, or Winter Honeysuckle.

So, be at ease, take plenty of notes, plan, and buy to your heart's content. By the end of it all you truly will have a flower for every season, and your flower gardening efforts will be rewarded most wonderfully.

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Author: Susan Green
Susan Green is an avid gardener that lives to share her flower gardening know how. Go to www.thegardenbook.com to sign up for her free newsletter.

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Article Title: Flower Gardening Basics For Those Whose Thumbs Are Turning Green

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