Florida Landscaping Ideas

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Creating a vibrant and beautiful garden and yard in Florida comes with its own set of challenges, but there are also many opportunities to try new things. The following are just a few suggestions:

Gold Lantana is an attractive plant that works well in Florida � it contains a sap that attracts butterflies. This is a plant that works well in a wide variety of gardens. You may also want to consider planting Aztec grass if you live in Florida and would like to try something different. Although this isn't a native plant, it works well in this region and again, is very low maintenance. It doesn't require large amounts of water - perfect for Florida.

Dwarf firebushes are a good choice for Florida landscapes because they attract wildlife, specifically butterflies, to your garden, which adds another element of beauty to the surroundings.

Vegetable gardens also do well in Florida, so if you have been thinking about growing some of your own vegetables it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. When planting a vegetable garden, you may want to build a raised bed and put a layer of erosion cloth around the perimeter of the garden bed to deal with any water that may come off the plants after they are just planted.

Because it�s common for soil in Florida to be lacking in nutrients, it can be more difficult to grow vegetables than other plants, which don't require as many nutrients and can adapt to the local soil. You may have to add a rich potting soil mix to the bed so that the vegetables have access to enough nutrients to grow properly. You can also include soil additives if needed. Good soil for a Florida vegetable garden may include compost, peat moss, shredded fir bark, and dolomite.

Some people mistakenly believe that you can't grow vegetables under the strong Florida heat, but this is just not true. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, and herbs thrive in hot temperatures and are perfect for a Florida vegetable garden.

Again, the main thing that many Florida homeowners worry about when planting gardens is the condition of the soil, which can be quite sandy. If you're worried about planting new shrubs and plants in your backyard, stick to low maintenance plants that don't require a lot of water. If you do, the soil shouldn�t pose much of a problem. But don�t add fertilizer or manure to the soil. This may actually cause more problems because the plants will adapt to the added nutrient content of the soil; when it dissipates, the plants may develop problems or stagnate in their growth.

When fertilizing, you may want to try an alternative to chemicals. To help improve the environment and your health, there are a variety of natural fertilizers available made up of natural plant and animal products. A good natural fertilizer is also able to improve the condition of your soil, which is crucial in Florida landscapes. A healthy soil is really what will keep your garden going strong for years to come.

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Article Title: Florida Landscaping Ideas

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