Five Reasons To Go With A Solar Water Fountain

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Twenty years ago solar power was exotic and expensive. Unless you were buying a watch or calculator, solar power was only a viable option for large scale devices by people willing to pay for pricey kits. Now, however, inexpensive solar panels let you power a variety of things with nothing but sunlight. That�s why solar water fountains are an increasingly popular choice for garden d�cor. The water fountain experts at Water Fountain Place know five reasons why it�s time to go with a solar fountain for the gardening season.

Solar Fountains Are Environmentally Friendly

There�s no denying the fact that the more luxuries you have, the more power you�ll use. That includes water fountains, which place moderate but constant power demands on your household. Power usage has a strong environmental impact, by building demand for polluting sources like coal. The more you save power, the less demand there will be for polluting power. Every little bit helps. Switching over non-essential electrical demands to a solar source helps do your bit for the environment, so every watt you save with a solar fountain is a small and steady benefit to the world around you.

Solar Fountains Ease Power Usage � and That Helps Everyone

Power usage spikes during the spring and summer, as people get reacquainted with their patios and use everything from outdoor lights to electric hedge trimmers. By the time summer rolls around, many households turn their air conditioning on, creating a serious drain on the local grid. If you�ve ever experienced brown outs in the middle of the summer, you�ve felt the effects of heavy power usage on the entire community. If you get a solar fountain you�re doing your but to reduce the overall load on local power without sacrificing the beauty of owning a water fountain.

Solar Fountains Are Portable

Solar fountains are self contained. You don�t need to rig up a link to your household power or worry about buying a weather-resistant extension cord. That makes moving a solar fountain a much less elaborate affair than relocating a fountain that needs an external power supply. All you have to do is drain the fountain, move it, and move the solar panel and cords with it, and you�re done. You can place your solar fountain anywhere where the fountain will catch light, instead of restricting yourself to a spot close to an electrical outlet. Solar fountain portability also makes them easy to move indoors in the autumn when it�s time to prepare your garden or other outdoor space for the season.

Solar Fountains Are Cost Effective

As the start of this article said, solar panels aren�t expensive pieces of equipment any more. Solar fountains come in all prices, with some models starting at under fifty dollars. Water Fountain Place�s catalog at shows you the economical options available. This makes solar fountains excellent starter fountains.

Solar Fountains Are Flexible

Even though solar fountains are primarily outdoor fountains, they also make excellent indoor fountains if you have a room in the house with lots of access to sunlight. Many solar fountain models suit indoor use as well. They can even work well into the winter, though obviously, the amount of sunlight will affect how well they work. Combined with a solar fountain�s superior portability, it�s possible to enjoy a solar fountain well past the summer.

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Author: Chris Gill
Water Fountain Place sells full size and tabletop indoor water fountains, outdoor fountains, solar fountains and custom fountains. Dedicated to maintaining a full range of water fountains for all budgets, Water Fountain Place offers free shipping on orders over $75 throughout the continental US.

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Article Title: Five Reasons To Go With A Solar Water Fountain

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