Feng Shui Garden Design Part 3

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Time waits for no one as the saying goes and progress, I'm not too sure. It requires commitment and effort, but Number 3 is changing and becoming closer to have a go at some gardening. The relocatable was more run down than expected and took time, energy and that dreaded word, money to get it up and running.

I'm back and on this visit to Number 3. I want to think about ideas for the framework of something different to those other gardens in the street. For this one, a garden on the curve is the quest. No straight lines or sharp edges at all. A garden where Yin and Yang are in balance, the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Earth balanced in their shapes and colours and sha Chi (inauspicious energy) recognised and tempered in its intrusion. This sounds good in theory but will it transpire in practice?

To get a feel of the gardens energy I view Number 3 from two locations. Firstly, the external views garnished from the roadway and an entry point leading from a carport. These form the arc of vision to the garden and introduce the gardens Chi which needs to be uplifting so the visitor is uplifted and intrigued by what lies inside. The entries create an apron for Chi to enter and it meandering along a curved pathway and in time grassed open spaces leading through the garden. I want Chi to meander to and energise an apron to a ramp leading onto the decking of the relocatable home.

The second viewing location is from the veranda itself, because the decking provides the place to live and enjoy the scenery and climate and hopefully absorbing Chi emulating from the gardens. I want a visual paradise of shapes and colour, charm and some mystery and a place to return to, sha Chi emulating from the tree and palm (now approved for removal) eventually diminished.

To date, the aspirations of Number 3 lie within ideas and the goodwill of the plants already present. Ironically, these plants remain healthy and create a sense of tranquillity and augers good for the garden.

There's something in the idea of ''gardening on the curve''. So simple, easy to design and implement. Just think about curves and Chi doing its thing and meandering, wandering through and around whatever we place within. Keep the garden healthy, balance its Yin and Yang, make sure no element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) is dominating the others and ensure the gardens climate reflects its location for year round sun and shadow.

The garden on this visit would exhibit something more of the Earth element, home and bosom and base to build from. As the garden evolves, the Wood element will become involved, a Yin element and the two exhibiting something of growth and sustainability. In time I'll need to introduce the elements of Fire and Metal to stimulate Chi and neutralise the energies of Wood and Earth. The fifth element, Water visualised and imaged through the gardens gentle curves and sweeping of the lawn areas, in all the five elements present and in balance and I'm sure the gardens Chi will be uplifting.

*Please read this article on my website page for detailed images of this gardening project transformation*

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Author: Ross Lamond
I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed pondering over and writing it. For more related topics and complete eBook Publications, please visit my website Feng Shui Garden - a Modern and Unique Concept to Feng Shui in the Garden and Harmonious Chi (Qi) Within Our Lives. Drop by the site for more Feng Shui Garden Design articles. Regards, Ross Lamond

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Article Title: Feng Shui Garden Design Part 3

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