Feng Shui Garden Design Part 2

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Progress, and the new decking and veranda to Number 3 is in place and providing the location to ensconce myself upon a chair to imagine the beneficial Chi I hope to create. I'm sitting on the chair because this is the place I want as the core of Chi, a place where the energy of my surroundings come to me and harmonise me. I want to be captive to the Chi of my surroundings and I visualise this location on the veranda is an ideal place to come and enjoy my surroundings.

But I need to do an assessment and taking my trusty compass I notice an easterly to north easterly aspect falls into my arc of vision from the chair. It's ideal for morning sun and cool on-shore breezes in summer. The relocatable home behind me shelters from the colder and gusty winds and a screen I want to locate along the southern boundary will shelter from undesirable views and blustery southerlies.

I'm not concerned about getting Yin and Yang imbalance or fine tuning Chi with five element balance although a dominance of the elements of wood and earth abound. My immediate concerns were ''poison arrows'' or Sha Chi intrusions. These create disharmony from that chair on the veranda. I notice a garden shed in its Mission Brown has a profound effect on imagery and Chi flow. Beside it is an electrical sub box located on a stand and also painted in a Mission Brown. It needs to be relocated and that will become an expense. Adjoining the meter box are two trees, one a Cocos Palm and the other a Eucalyptus which has its head blown out from winds. Both are safety hazards and obtrude their Chi over the veranda.

Casting an eye across to the adjoining garden I notice a garden shed also intruding on its Chi and the relocatable itself is also a Sha Chi element. Gosh I notice a concrete drain extruding across a lawn area, a real poison arrow and finally, located along the southern boundary the relocatable and another garden shed.

My quest for harmony within the gardens of Number 3 will depend on the dismantling of the energies the Sha Chi intrusions present and these will be my principal tasks before locating gardens and finetuning beneficial Chi which I know will follow.

Before I leave the chair on the veranda of Number 3 I notice I can capture the Chi from the surroundings to the garden. Firstly I gaze down onto a tidal estuary which flows into the ocean and enjoy the life it produces. Behind the creek is a nine hole golf course and scenery of fairway, people and native wildlife including a mob of Grey Kangaroo. What a blessing to have such wonders built into the landscape and these are my treasures. I also notice my borrowed scenery includes the recently established gardens of Number 1 Lorikeet and I propose to marry these into the gardens of Number 3 to form a cohesive unit.

*Please read this article on my website page for detailed images of this gardening project transformation*

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Author: Ross Lamond
I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed pondering over and writing it. For more related topics and complete eBook Publications, please visit my website Feng Shui Garden - a Modern and Unique Concept to Feng Shui in the Garden and Harmonious Chi (Qi) Within Our Lives. Drop by the site for more Feng Shui Garden Design articles. Regards, Ross Lamond

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Article Title: Feng Shui Garden Design Part 2

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