Feng Shui Garden Design Part 1

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Wow! What a mess. An overgrown and out of control garden completely neglected for many years and showing it. Yet in days gone by, Number 3 contained a very pleasant garden from what I understand. Laid out by a man and his wife, very neat, tidy and offering a place for potted plants, garden seating, a vegetable patch, shedding for orchids and ferns. Someone said they wanted a Japanese garden, but I doubt if it took that pathway.

Anyway, by May 2010 the garden of Number 3 had a new owner. A Harmonious Chi (Qi) Gardener who is there to re activate its Chi and change its life into something sensual, open, vibrant, warm and inviting. Firstly an assessment and basically a response -let's get rid of it all and start again, but a compromise was on offer and the inevitable axe, hand saw and mattock took its toll on unwanted plants leaving something of its foundations through some trees and the odd strangling shrub.

My makeover for Number 3 seeks to integrate the garden of Number 1 and create a flowing style of garden extending the experiences on offer. But, some obstacles, firstly clearing excessive weed growth and dead or dying plants (that's been done). Recognition a garden shed is very Yang and Sha and needs to be removed. A very large palm (Cocos Plumosa) is definitely a hazard (falling fronds) and not going any further until a viewing deck has been erected to replace the one festered with dry rot.

We're underway and Number 3 waiting for a visit by Chi of a beneficial kind. But what about these assessments you keep talking about? ''Ok, I'll try something different and do a group of five for Number 3."

Yin and Yang. That garden shed has to go along with the suppressing Cocos Palm and neighbour (a storm damaged Eucalyptus tree) which is in danger of falling down. The tree is Yang because it's threatening. The oppressive vegetation has to be removed. It's Yang because it takes on a hard, solid impregnable mass. I'll then wait until I erect the decking to gaze down and around because it's from the veranda and a trusty chair where the magic of the garden will arise.

Five Element Balance. The Feng Shui cure and diagnosis. Which element is overpowering? It's the wood element and all that vegetation, so let's remove its dominance and have a pause.

What's Sha Chi doing in this garden? Concrete bricks scattered throughout, some neglected concrete slabs, broken wooden lattice fencing, a power supply box now protruding.

My 8 elements of Light, Shadow, Shape, Colour, Sound, Smell, Movement and Temperature (climatic influences on our personal comfort). I like the 8 test but too early to put it into play. I'll save this one up to fine tune my beneficial Chi. Although I notice shadows are too long, too much shade, too much dominance of greens, stagnant movements, but encouraging sounds of birdlife.

Finally, can I make Number 3 a home for Chi test? This is a new one and will try it out as an evaluation tool at Number 3. Yes. I can visualise a home for my Chi and by drawing upon the other four tests mentioned to drive the reshaping of the garden for beneficial Chi flow. My Wondrous Little Character Called Chi waiting to visit Number 3 Lorikeet and so for now a wait and see, but hope and a method is opening up. On my second visit to Number 3, I'll sit upon a chair on the veranda and revaluate the Chi.

*Please read this article on my website page for detailed images of this gardening project transformation*

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Author: Ross Lamond
I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed pondering over and writing it. For more related topics and complete eBook Publications, please visit my website Feng Shui Garden - a Modern and Unique Concept to Feng Shui in the Garden and Harmonious Chi (Qi) Within Our Lives. Drop by the site for more Feng Shui Garden Design articles. Regards, Ross Lamond

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Article Title: Feng Shui Garden Design Part 1

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