Evergreen Trees-Landscaping Trees With Many Purposes

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In the world of plants, an evergreen tree is one which has leaves all year round. This is different from deciduous plants which completely lose their leaves during autumn and winter. With evergreen trees, the same leaf does not persist all year round but the constant growth of new leaves quickly replaces the shed leaves. There are some exceptions to this rule, for example- the Welwitschia which produces two different types of leaves will grow continuously for 20-40 years.

There are hundreds of evergreen trees and shrubs and mist can be bought from a nursery. The common evergreens include confiners, pine, red cedar, blue spruce, hemlock, holly, cyads and most angiosperms.

The majority of plants in the tropics are evergreens which replace the leaves gradually over the year as they age and fall off. However, in colder weather or cooler climates, deciduous trees predominate chiefly due to an adaptation to the weather. In cooler climates, the majority of evergreens are conifers and some broad leaf plants. If you are not sure what to buy, talk to a person in a nursery.

In most cases, evergreens are hardier plants and can grow in areas where the soil is not so nutritious. The conditions that favor growth of evergreens usually are made difficult for deciduous trees to survive.

Before one buys an evergreen there are some facts that one has to know. These include:
Most evergreen do require a lot of sun to grow well, some will tolerate partial shade but growth will be delayed
Before selecting an evergreen, make sure you have a wide open area as these trees do grow large. One should also know the soil conditions and the year round weather.

While some evergreens can tolerate drought for a long time, this is not a universal finding. Some do require a lot of water. So ask the nursery personnel what is the tree you should buy if your soil is dry.

Adding mulch to soil is a must when growing evergreens

During the dry season or when it is very windy, evergreens usually require lot more water than usual- this is usually winter and early spring.

Another favorite evergreen tree of mine is the leyland cypress trees.Its beautiful foliage and sledner dark green appearance makes it a beautiful choice Nursery experts recommend that the narrow leaf evergreen (conifer) is the ideal tree for most landscapes. This tree provides great colors and texture all year around. Plus, conifer trees are durable and very versatile. These trees can be used to make a hedge, fence, create a privacy screen and as a wind breaker on the north side.

While evergreens do retain their foliage throughout winter they not always retain their needles. In most cases needles do drop every 2-6 years but this depends on the plant species.

Once an evergreen is selected, check the soil for drainage before planting. One should have ample space both laterally and above. The evergreen should not normally be grown in small alleys as it will quickly overcrowd the lanes. If you have limited space, consider the dwarf confers.

Before any planting is done, one should ensure that there are no overhead utility wires and that the soil has been prepared with compost or mulch.

To add variety one can add several kinds of evergreens to the landscape. What may seem obvious is not always practiced. Never plants trees with different water needs in the same area. Evergreens that need less moisture are best suited for the slopes. If in doubt always add more water when there is wind or the soil is dry.for noise reduction,privacy hedges and for looks in general.

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Author: Tammy Sons

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Article Title: Evergreen Trees-Landscaping Trees With Many Purposes

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