Essential Tools for the Start-up Gardener

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Gardening is a very popular hobby around the world. Especially today where the green mentality has been adapted by many people, gardening is one of the simpler ways we can contribute in the fight against environmental degradation.

Aside from this, people have taken up gardening as a way to be productive themselves. People have increasingly turned to the produce of their gardens in their everyday meals. From the young to the old, many people have now taken up gardening to relax and still be productive at the same time.

There are plenty of tools needed in putting up your own garden. These range from the most basic tools all the way to the more elaborate ones. But for the start-up gardener, here are just some of the basic tools you will need:


Trowels may be the most basic out of all of these tools you will need. Trowels are an all-around tool. You can dig, plant, till, and cultivate with these tiny shovels. You can also use this to transplant seedlings or transfer plants into another pot.


For a garden, you do not really need those rakes that you normally see farmers use. Especially for the start-up gardener, a couple of mini-rakes will do the job. Mini-rakes are best used for tilling and cultivating small and narrow beds, potted soil and even window boxes.


Weeders are important especially if you are starting a garden from scratch. In your backyard or in an empty lot, weeders will come in handy when it comes to pulling out grasses and weeds to clean up your soil.

4.Garden Scoop

Scoops can be used in a variety of ways. You can till soil with it; layer soil on top of another with it; put fertiliser in the soil and many more. A garden scoop is also very useful when transferring soil to pots. Also, you can use it for transferring seedlings from your nursery into your lawns.

5.Pressed Fork

This is a very handy tool for cultivating and tilling soil. The fork can also be used for weeding as it does not dig to deep into the soil. You can also soften up hard soil using this garden tool.

6.Soil Knife

They can dig into the soil and create little holes that are perfect for planting seedlings in your garden beds. Soil knives can also be used when planting bulbs and other tiny plants.


This tool is perfect for transferring a plant from one pot to another. You can also use this in transporting plants to and from garden beds and window boxes.


The cultivator is one tool perfect not only for cultivating soil. It also comes handy when you are mixing fertilisers and compost with soil. It helps in rakings over weeds you have pulled out from your beds.

These tools are essential for any start-up gardening endeavor. It is important to keep in mind though that when it comes to garden tools, quality is very important. Buy something durable like tools made from stainless steel. Gardening is a very enjoyable experience especially with the right tools in tow.

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Author: Phill Monroe
Gardening tools is a very popular hobby around the world. For other information about the right tools for your everyday work, please visit tools locally .

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Article Title: Essential Tools for the Start-up Gardener

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