Easy to Do Landscaping for the Beginner

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When you look at your lawn, do you see that it does not have the appeal that it had before when it was first set up? You just want to do something about it now that you have the time to spend looking at all the details to make it more attractive and beautiful but you are wondering how you can start or where you will start. If you are in this situation, you can start by considering the following tips to let the gear of reviving your lawn start moving.

Tip #1 - Weed out your lawn

This does not require resources other than your time, attention and effort. You do not to spend anything and you need not buy things except the tools, if you still do not have them. Use a lawn mower and trimmer. You will be surprised to see that there are many dead plants that were affected by these weeds since the last time you have given your lawn the needed attention. These weeds prevent your plants to get the necessary nutrients from the soil. They stop plants from growing normally and they make your lawn disorganized and unattractive. Remove these unnecessary elements and prepare a space for new plant life that will again bring out the glow in your lawn. While weeding is necessary, you also have to trim off the dead, damaged areas and long branches of your plants.

Tip #2 - Give the lawn the color that it needs.

Decorate your lawn with annuals and perennials. Annuals are for the bright and attractive colors and perennials are for the basic colors. This will make sure that you will have a colourful garden or lawn despite the season. The annuals perish after a season and perennials bloom every year. The basic color of the perennials will provide the background for the garden when annuals are in season to show off their beauty and glamour. With the fact that annuals stay for one season, you can always choose the accent that you want for the following year. You can have variations year after year with your perennials providing the background that can stay regardless of season.

Tip #3- Consider the flowering plants and trees, too.

Trees do not have high maintenance requirements. You can choose to have cherry trees, giving the pink and white blossoms at the start of the season without the need for maintenance. You may not even water them and they will still stay. They do not require your attention. Wait for the right time and you will be pleased with the blossoms. If you do not have trees and shrubs planted in your lawn or garden, you can always buy a sapling from your local gardening store. You can get ones that can be one to two feet tall. In terms of budget requirement, a sapling is cheaper than buying a full grown tree.

Tip #4 - Decorate your garden.

This is the texture and depth requirement of landscape design. You can think of redesigning your walkway by using bricks or wood borders to add highlight to your garden. You can find different pieces of accessories for your garden design in the gardening store and choose one that will be consistent to the overall design of your garden or lawn.

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Author: John Carlstrom
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Article Title: Easy to Do Landscaping for the Beginner

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