Drought Tolerant Plants - Save Money This Summer With These Facts and Suggestions

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Gardening is always fun and exciting for many people across the country. It seems as though each plant is more lovely and appealing than the nest, and who doesn't want to learn tips that can help them when they are preparing to create a wonderful garden and update their yard's visual appearance. You should keep in mind that drought tolerant species will save you money and are an inexpensive way to make your garden bright and beautiful.

The surprising thing about many drought tolerant plants is that they are often overlooked in favor of more temperamental species that require lots of water and attention. Some people even have the mistaken notion that these plants are only for arid, dry regions of the country such as the Arizona desert. When you are searching for an easy way to save money in your garden you need to remember that drought resistant varieties of many plants can be your best solution. Not only can they survive on miniscule amounts of water once they have become established these hardy little plants can hold their own even when the sun punishes them for days on end.

With drought tolerant garden plants you can forget daily watering chores. Another good feature that these types of plants have in common is their ability to grow in poor or rocky soils. There are, in fact, some drought resistant plants that are known for their ability to handle neglect, punishing sunlight, hot temperatures and almost no water. This means that even those gardeners that lack the green thumb gene can have a successful, bountiful and productive garden.

Consider coneflower species whenever you want plants that thrive in conditions that require only the lightest watering. These hardy flowers are almost indestructible and their blooms come in many different colors and shapes. They can handle the driest weather conditions and once established they will self seed with vigor which means you save money again. You can find them in a rainbow of colors from white and moonbeam yellow to hot pinks and deep purples.

Ornamental grasses are another plant species that can tough it out through long droughts without succumbing to dry conditions and high heat. You may be fascinated with the feathery plumes of Pampas grass, but Flame Grass and Maiden Grass will also add interest and beauty to your landscape and garden while needing only a bare minimum of water and maintenance.

Few flowering species are as tolerant and forgiving as day lilies and they are a good buy at almost any time of year. There are hundreds of varieties of these wonderful blossoming plants and all of them can hold up to dry conditions while still providing you with tons of blooms during the growing season.

Phlox is another superb choice when you are searching for hardy, inexpensive plants. Try blue phlox if you want a drought tolerant selection with outstanding color and beauty. Creeping phlox is also very easy to grow and requires almost no water and maintenance. With white, purple and pink shades to choose from creeping phlox is a delightful drought tolerant ground cover to use in rock gardens or as a border.

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Author: Sean Harbison
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Article Title: Drought Tolerant Plants - Save Money This Summer With These Facts and Suggestions

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