Disaster Emergency Preparedness - Better Be Ready

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The planet today is a complete coin toss if you ask me. Right now we have some homicidal maniacs running the show and there's really no telling what they are prepared to do to keep the standard of living they want. Not to mention the fact that disaster or emergency happens to people on a daily basis and you are never going to know if your one of them so the best thing you could do is be prepared.

Preparedness starts with making a list of potential emergency or disaster that may strike. You don't know if your prepared unless you stop and take a look to see if you are or not and I would say the first step is to contemplate about what could happen and what you would have to have to be prepared for it.

Second step would be to make a plan and then share it with the other people in your life. Awareness of the plan is crucial by every person involved. You don't just want to spring this plan into action at the moment the disaster or emergency is upon you. Really what if you couldn't share the plan and you were injured or something. You would want everyone else to be safe and have a plan as well wouldn't you? Make sure everyone is well aware of your emergency preparedness plan and that they each know what kind of role they have to play.

Next you want to have adequate supplies to deal with whatever type of emergency or disaster is occurring. It would totally suck to sit there and watch your family starve to death, or even worse have to go out into the general population and contend with all of the crazies and everyone else who is probably killing each other for a can of tuna fish. I would hate to see it get that bad, but if you look at the reality of it, if the system shut down tomorrow, most people would not be able to take care of themselves.

If the stores shut down, and stopped getting the inventory they sell. The store shelves would be completely depleted within three days on a global scale. This means that you should for the sake of peace of mind at least have some kind of plan and adequate supply of commercial goods that would deal with any type of disaster or emergency that could come along.

I'm not saying that this would actually happen, but you have to admit that the state of the planet is shakier than usual today, and who really knows what will happen next.

We could talk forever about disaster emergency preparedness, and I love to write, but I have an appointment to go to so there ya go, I hope you found some value in it. To learn more about disaster emergency preparedness, read the resource box and follow the links therein. Thanks for reading this article, and for those of you who would like to discover more, read the resource box and follow the links now.

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Author: R Keith Ellertson
Disaster Emergency Preparedness is crucial to your peace of mind. To find out more about disaster emergency preparedness and be prepared check out Food & Kits

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Article Title: Disaster Emergency Preparedness - Better Be Ready

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