Different Types of Greenhouse Structures

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Whether you are planning to build a greenhouse or having someone come in and build it for you, there are a few different types of structures you should be aware of before you begin.

The type of structure you choose is obviously a personal choice, as is the size of the greenhouse.

Attached Types of Greenhouses

The attached greenhouse or what is referred to as a lean-to greenhouse is actually just a half of a greenhouse because it may be attached to your home, so it is using your home's structure in order to fully support itself. These are very useful when you have limited space or limited funds since they are one of the least expensive types of greenhouses.

One of the main disadvantages to the attached greenhouse is smaller space, ventilation issues, and sunlight. Temperature control is also another drawback to these types of greenhouses because one half of the structure is the home or whatever building you have it attached to, makes it more difficult to regulate temperature.

Full-Size Even-Span Greenhouse

The even-span greenhouse is actually a full-size unit, but the end of the greenhouse is attached to another building, such as your home. It is a larger option and therefore costs more because more materials are needed. The nice aspect to the even span is it can be lengthened, which in turn gives you additional space.

Window Mounted Greenhouse

The window mounted greenhouse is normally attached to the east or south end of the home, and is enclosed by glass making it convenient for growing various plants. While these are not very large, they are very popular with many homes that are only looking for a small greenhouse for a smaller collection of plants.

Freestanding Greenhouse Structures

The freestanding greenhouse means it is a structure that is capable of standing alone and is not attached to another building. These can be large or small units depending on your needs and budget.

The freestanding units require a heating unit, and water as well electricity must be installed in order for the plants to survive. Obviously, the freestanding units are also the most costly to have installed or to make yourself.


Greenhouses come in all different kinds of framing and many times it is just a matter of personal taste on the framing your choose. Frame types include:

� Quonset - simple construction
� Gothic - It is also a simple design and less expensive
� Rigid Frame
� Post and Rafter
� A-Frame

Finally, the coverings for a greenhouse come in different materials including glass, plastic, film plastic, and fiberglass. The flooring you have in your greenhouse will depend on the type of structure you have. Obviously, a freestanding greenhouse will need a solid flooring that is more permanent can be laid. By implementing all of the tips above, you should be able to create a really decent greenhouse kit for your home and backyard. Good luck, and remember to have fun!

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Author: Whitey Segura
Whitney is an expert greenhouse gardener and works for a gardening tool manufacturing company, they have many professional greenhouses for sale at discount prices.

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Article Title: Different Types of Greenhouse Structures

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