Differences Between Plastic, Wood, And Aluminum Garden Furniture

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Garden furniture, also known as patio furniture, gives anyone who appreciates nature a front-row seat to the show. But as far as garden furniture goes, there are three distinctive materials that a consumer can choose from.

Each material offers specific benefits and drawbacks, so it is important for consumers to educate themselves on the specifics before making a purchase.

Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic garden furniture is the cheapest of the three. Therefore, it is also generally the least appealing. Although they may not be very valuable or aesthetically appealing, plastic garden furniture holds great benefit over other materials.

First, plastic doesn't rust or break down under repeated water exposure. This means plastic furniture can be left outside year round, without any significant consequences. But this aspect is a double edged sword, in the respect that water can collect on the furniture and make them undesirable for use.

Plastic furniture also breaks quite easily, as compared to its counterpart materials. Don't expect plastic furniture to last half as long as wood or aluminum materials- but do expect to pay half as less.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture comes from nature itself- thus, it is quite appealing and matches nearly any patio situation. Wooden patio furniture can vary greatly in price range, but expect to pay a respectable amount for the durability and pleasing looks.

It's important to obtain wooden garden furniture that has been treated. This way, water will have a lesser effect on the health of the wood. If wooden garden furniture is left outside untreated, expect your investment to degrade within a year's time flat.

Aluminum Garden Furniture

Aluminum garden furniture is the most durable of the three. And since aluminum furniture is inexpensive to produce, you may find that aluminum garden furniture is even cheaper than wooden garden furniture.

There is, however, a need for care in regards to aluminum garden furniture. Some types of oils found in suntan lotion, perspiration, and a multitude of other sources can eat away at the aluminum finish. This will eventually corrode and chip paint off an aluminum garden set.

Trends In Garden Furniture

Currently, aluminum is among the most popular materials in garden furniture. It's inexpensive and durable; the best choice if the increase in expense over plastic furniture is viable. It will also, on average, last much longer than wooden gardening furniture.

But the trends don't stop there other materials such as glass, steel, vinyl, stone, and others are becoming popular in the contemporary market. The contemporary trends tend to be pricier than the three materials mentioned above, so be prepared to shell out more cash for these hip and trendy alternatives. (And in the case of glass, be prepared to possibly shell out more money for replacement glass if you aren't careful enough!)

Final Thoughts on Garden Furniture

Garden furniture allows consumers to enjoy nature from outside- yet do so in a comfortable manner. One can't exactly haul a sofa outside, as the rain and elements would destroy the furniture in days. Thus, the market for garden furniture was born and has been popular among outdoor addicts ever since.

Be sure to weigh the benefits and downfalls of each material previously mentioned. If you're new to garden furniture, you may wish to consult a local hardware store for more information and tips on garden furniture care.

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Article Title: Differences Between Plastic, Wood, And Aluminum Garden Furniture

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