Deter Intruders With A Natural Or Man-Made Fence

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Even a simple fence can be a great deterrent to potential intruders. These structures make it difficult for burglars to enter your property, and even harder for them to haul your belongings away. If you decide to fence your yard, you will have several decisions to make:

Height: You will need a fence tall enough to impede anyone trying to get into your yard; a minimum of 40 inches is recommended.

Style: Look for a style solid enough to be a deterrent but open enough to allow visibility. Tall privacy fences, for example, can actually be inviting to a thief. Once the fence is scaled, it provides excellent cover for their activities.

Legal Issues: City codes and, where applicable, association rules often dictate the height, placement, and style of your fence. It is also very important that you have your lot surveyed before the fence is installed to be sure it is located on your property lines. Make sure your fence meets these requirements, or you may have to tear it down and start over!

The chain link fence is the most popular choice because it lasts a lifetime, requires little maintenance, and is reasonably priced. Some homeowners find the look of a chain link fence a little too harsh, but there are options for improving its appearance. A green or black-painted chain link fence can blend surprisingly well with most landscapes. You can also allow airy vines to grow up the fence to soften its appearance. Plastic or wooden slats threaded through the fence can offer a bit more privacy, and act as a windscreen.

Dense shrubbery, thorny hedges, and even rose bushes planted along your property line can create a barrier that most intruders won?t want to cross. Choosing the right shrubs to deter burglars will depend a lot on the growing conditions in your area, but here?s a small sampling of the plantings available:

Hawthorn: Tough, thorny hawthorn has delicate clusters of pink or white flowers in spring, glossy green foliage in summer, and beautiful orange to red fall color.

Barberry: Barberry is a spiny, dense shrub that is attractive year round, with small, bright yellow flowers during the summer and a deep red fall color.

Rose Shrub: Roses are an elegant but effective way to deter burglars. The rose plant is generally tough, but can be fussy depending on your climate. Speak with the staff at your local gardening center to find the hardiest varieties for your area.

By M Adley

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Article Title: Deter Intruders With A Natural Or Man-Made Fence

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