Constructing a Healthy Enviroment: Why?

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Your home should be a happy place, a safe place and a healthy place. All three are important to make a home a place where father, mother and children all love to return for time together. It takes love, good common sense and some awareness of what goes into a healthy home to make sure your home is a place where everybody can live happily and in a healthy way.

A healthy living environment naturally means the foods that the family has at its disposal to eat are healthy and satisfying. A big part of controlling the diet of your family is having things around the house that are good to eat but also healthy. The family member who does all the shopping can do a lot to keep good things on hand rather than junk food. A good example is fruit drinks. You can buy the kind that are all sugar and flavorings and the kids will drink that down. But if you put a blend of good juices such as orange, pineapple and perhaps some Goji for a burst of vitamins and minerals, that will become a favorite drink that is full of healthy and natural foods for your family.

A healthy living environment also means keeping the air in your house fresh and as free of dust and other pollutants as possible. Some simple steps like keeping an air filters changed out and eliminating smoking or any other causes of poor air quality from the home environment is just the right next step to making your home a healthy and wholesome place to live. Even little things like keeping pets well groomed to eliminate any contamination they might cause are all part of your quest for the most healthy living environment possible for your family.

A healthy living environment also means a healthy family dynamic. Keeping rooms well lit and plenty of open space in the home by reducing clutter contributes to a feeling of community and it is safer as well. Also look at each room where the family spends time with an eye for open space and good lighting. This is especially important in rooms where there will be studying, homework or reading done. But these rooms must also have plenty of open space for movement of people from room to room.

Making your house easy to travel about in both for social and exercise reasons. Movement encourages walking and social interaction both of which are musts for a healthy living environment. And all of these steps will make your home a happy and healthy place to be for your entire family.

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Author: Roberto Garabell
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Article Title: Constructing a Healthy Enviroment: Why?

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