Compost Bins – Hide or See

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Having a Compost Bin in your garden is a great way to recycle your garden and kitchen waste and save money, so all you need to do is choose what type and size you need and where you place it. Do you want to hide or see it?

As a nation we are encouraged to recycle as much as we can and one way is having a compost bin for all your garden and kitchen waste. Not only does it help you save the environment it also helps you save money. So choosing a Compost Bin is just down to personal preference.

Compost Bins are usually made either from plastic or wood and they are available in many shapes and sizes and depending on the size of your garden there will be one that will suit your garden and most of all, your pocket.

With a plastic Compost Bin you would probably need to hide it at the bottom of your garden behind some shrubs or your shed but with a nice wooden one it is good enough to be left out on show and it wouldn't look out of place among your other wooden furniture and you also aren't limited on where you need to place it. It is like having a wooden ornament rather than a bin.

Compost Bins all work on the same principal, you put the garden and kitchen waste into it and in the end, if you have looked after it by placing the right amount of waste in and turn it regularly, you get moist, nice smelling, crumbly compost for you to use in your garden or bag up for another day. You can get one's that are already raised on a stand so turning the contents inside is relatively easy. You could even make your own out of old pallets – another recycling idea!

If you save all of your vegetable peel, tea bags and coffee granules along with cardboard, egg cartons and shredded paper and your grass cuttings it all makes a good mix for the insects, worms and microbes to get to work and having your compost raised a couple of inches off the floor by placing sticks or canes at the bottom of your bin and placing it in a sunny or warm position will make the process work even faster.

To be able to make your own compost is a very satisfying way of knowing that not only have you made it yourself and that you are putting the goodness back into your soil, you have also saved yourself some money.

If the right amount of grass and vegetable peel etc have been added, you have turned it and the sun has warmed up the microbe's then in between nine months to about a year of turning your compost into a lovely brown crumbly mixture you can then either bag it and save it, or pot up young flowers or vegetables or spread it all over your garden knowing that it will feed your plants and help them produce healthy flowers or vegetables for you to eat and then you can start the process all over again.

Choosing a Compost Bin depends on the three main points:
Space you have to place it.
The amount of compost you would like to make.
How much money you want to spend on it.

Having a cheap and cheerful Compost Bin will do the same as a dear pretty one but spending money on a bin that can sit in your garden and not be hidden is also saving you money as it can be a garden feature at the same time.

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Author: Adrian Hall
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Article Title: Compost Bins – Hide or See

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