Choosing Accessories for Your Garden

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Adding accessories to any landscape has so many benefits that are clear to see. They can help to brighten up areas or to add a little bit of extra charm to open spaces. Without using accessories, the landscape may be missing the vital ingredients to make it look and feel complete. It can really turn an open space into something for you to either relax or entertain other people.

Even some of the best designed gardens can often be improved upon with the use of landscaping accessories. There are many different accessories to choose from and so you really shouldn't have a problem finding something to suit you. You just need to know what is available in order to know what will best fit in with your gardens needs.

Flowers and plants are rightly the central attraction of your garden, but they needn't be the only one. Garden accessories can add character and fun to your garden as well as serving various useful purposes. From sculpted row markers and border fences to fully-functional fountains and ponds, here's what some of the best-dressed gardens are wearing this year.

Decorative trellises and arches do more than serve as supports for climbing plants and vines. They can be a beautiful accent on their own. Whether you choose a simple iron fan trellis in a corner of the garden, or build an elaborate arbor or gazebo to support roses and ivy, they'll add a graceful note of natural beauty and add to the enjoyment of your garden. If you allow colorful flowers to grow around it, you will notice how homey it actually makes your home feel. You truly cannot go wrong with an arbor as it looks great on both lawn and patio.

There are some great benefits of adding lights to your landscape area. Not only do they add a touch of class but they can add a sense of security to the area and even the house. The lights can really help to brighten up any dark areas around the yard and they can also make it easy to see at night whilst you are out in the garden. They also help the landscape to look extremely impressive and it adds that little something extra to the balance. They really are an inexpensive way of adding extra charm and style to any landscape.

Lighting allows people to stay outside in the warm months and enjoy socializing or relaxing in the garden. They are absolutely great for entertaining and it really does help to make people feel very welcome. Overall you really cannot go wrong with a little landscape lighting.

Birdbaths and Pedestal Birdbaths are a great way to invite birds into your garden. Whether set into the ground as a small ?pond? or on a pedestal, they can add a touch of old world elegance to a shrubbery or foliage garden that will benefit from the pollination efforts of your feathered friends.

Fountains and Ponds The ultimate accessory for any garden to have has got to be its own pond or fountain. Even small spaces can sport running water with a concealed circulating pump and a nearby power source. A trickling waterfall over rocks or a full-sized pond complete with Koi can both bring a measure of satisfaction and serenity to your garden.

When it comes to landscaping your garden, rocks do often make a great addition and they come in a variety of different sizes and colors to suit every gardeners needs. You can make pretty features, use them as stepping stones and you can even build small little walls for the garden too. Whatever you decide to use them for, there is certainly no getting away from the fact that stones can be great for landscaping.

Besides looking nice and adding a natural quality to your landscaping, rocks are very durable. This makes them great for walkways and retaining walls, or just to decorate a small pond or waterfall. They can be functional or just for looks. No matter what, using rocks or stones will make any landscape more interesting to look at. The type of rock or stone you choose will depend on what its use will be.

Boulders are normally rather large rocks that work well for use in water landscapes. They can also be used to mark a driveway or the entrance of a garden. They can be very dramatic, and if placed correctly, will attract plenty of attention. Very large flat boulders can even be used as a place to sit and enjoy nature.

Lawn ornaments include things such as garden Gnomes and bird baths. They are things which look good and add that little extra something to the garden. You can purchase lawn ornaments in all different styles and sizes so you should easily find something to suit you and your needs. Always remember that whatever you decide to purchase for your garden, it does need serious consideration. This is because you do not want to purchase something which either does not fit or simply looks out of place. So, be sure that it will suit the garden and that you measure it beforehand.

It is best to consider the whole theme of the landscape in order to get accessories that blend or add something special to the area. So, if you want to decorate a secluded area of the garden you could consider using trees, shrubs, a wooden bench or anything you like that can add peaceful surroundings. If you are building a water feature in your land, you could add extra features such as stones or slabs and some nice plants and flowers to add some extra color to it.

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Author: Luann Hays
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