Can Anyone Acquire a Green Thumb Or is It Hereditary?

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A friend who was always interested in gardening found that whatever he planted, it never grew and finally he gave up mourning the fact that he did not have a green thumb. What he did not realize was that the climate where he lived was harsh and the soil in his garden was infertile and not conducive to growing any kind of plant. If he had just done proper research by reading books, or looking for ideas on the Internet, he would have found ways to have a lovely garden even in such an unforgiving area.

This is exactly what a green thumb gardener can do he or she has the gift to not only grow any type of plant but also watch it thrive. Gardening is a wonderful hobby, for although it involves a lot of time and effort, the end result is very rewarding. Gardening is also a hobby in which every family member can be involved. It is a time for familial bonding and a wonderful source of physical and mental therapy. In fact, many prisons have their own vegetable and flower gardens where prisoners are encouraged to grow their own produce as a form of rehabilitation.

Now, when families as a whole are engaged in gardening, kids can inherit the green thumb of their parents or grandparents by simply observing and learning from them. the answer to the question 'Is Green Thumb really hereditary?' will depend on if a person has developed his love for gardening after watching and learning from his parents. Very often in a home where there is more than one sibling, one can develop a passion for gardening and inherit the green thumb qualities while the other can be uninterested in gardening. So, it could be said that a green thumb is often hereditary and parents do pass on their passion for gardening to their kids.

On the other hand, there are those who have a love for gardening and wish to start one of their own. These people need not feel that they have not inherited a green thumb for even if you have never been exposed to gardening, you can still acquire a green thumb by following a few gardening tips like:

  • Research

  • Get tools

  • Get down and dirty

  • Be attuned to plant needs

  • Propagate

  • Enjoy

  • Without doing proper research, you will never know about what plant grows in what soil, the type of soil that you have in your garden, its fertility, how much sun and water the plants need, when they should be pruned, and more. Read journals, gardening magazines and browse the Internet to get information. If you have a garden club in your neighborhood, join that to meet like minded people and exchange tips. For example, start with simple flowering plants or a small herbal garden that is easier to start and maintain. Do not go in for exotic orchids or hedge plants that require expert care.

    Owning a complete set of gardening tools is a must for you can then take care of different gardening activities quickly and efficiently. State of the art equipment is not needed by basic ones like forks, spades, trowels, hoes, rakes, shears, shovels, clippers, garden hose and a good strong pair of gloves and garden boots. Keep all these in the garage so that you do not dirty the house. Maintaining tools is important after use, wash and oil them carefully so that they last long and be free of rust and corrosion.

    Don't like to get dirty and dig in mud, mulch or fertilizers? Then you will never develop a green thumb for gardening is all about digging, cultivating, watering all activities guaranteed to get you dirty. Apart from gloves and boots, keep separate set of clothes for gardening so that they can be washed and worn. Treat your plants like you would your pets and be attuned to their every need. Know when to water, fertilize, prune and trim them.

    Weeding is also an important task that will maintain healthy plants. Maintain weekly schedules for your gardening so that you have a neat, clean, pest and weed free garden. A green thumb must also learn about breeding and propagating plants and how to use eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, gardening is all about enjoying your labor. So have a small patio area where you can sit, relax and enjoy your lovely garden.

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    Article Title: Can Anyone Acquire a Green Thumb Or is It Hereditary?

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