Buying White Pines Trees For a Border Evergreen From Your Local Plant Nursery

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White Pine Pinus Strobus - Immense Harmony

White Pine and Pinus Strobus are synonyms. This tree is also known as Northern white pine or soft pine. In Great Britain White Pine Pinus Strobus is popular as Weymouth Pine. Pinus means pine; they are large and Strobus are large cones that are slender and are famous for their five needles i.e. leafs which are in bundles. The color of the leaves is bluish green that is normally 2-5 inch long. The leaves of this tree are flexible and are can persist for around eighteen months. The look of the Pinus Strobus is fascinating because of its unique size and features. Native Americans know it as the �Tree of immense Peace.� You can mostly find this tree in humid climates, places which has well-sapped top soil and sometimes-in rocky region and muddy or watery areas. The barks of this tree are thick, round, reddish in color and are rough. It also bears flowers, which are in lighter shade and bit of red in color, and fruits are normally bulky having a slivery touch. North America, Minnesota, Manitoba and in Appalachian Mountains (Georgia) are the places where these White pines are found.

White pine in Michigan and Maine is popular as �Tree of the State� and in Maine; it is popular as �Flower of the State.� White pine are usually large sized, has bundles of needle leaves, elastic, thinly notched. The height ranges from 50-80 meters and their enduring period is mostly 1 year. If this tree is highly developed then it can live up to 250 years however, some pines exceed to 400 years. The twigs of this tree are in red-brown color, slim and have tarnished hairs on it. As far as diameter is concerned the huge pines ranges from 3-5 feet. It varies depending upon the location. Volume of the total trunk is around 1,000 cubic feet.

White pine has number of uses but the main use of the white pine wood is in construction of homes. White pine wood has multiple uses i.e. used in furniture making, woodenware, lumbering, and making matches. Lumber is popular as Timber and its main use is in construction industry for building homes. The white pine wood is helpful as a carving material especially used by North America for Trimming, making entrance frames and many more. The most important function is that it acts as
Christmas Trees during the festive season. Therefore, there is a huge demand for White Pine trees in America.
White Pine also has Food and medicinal benefits. It contains Vitamin C that is a rich nutrient for living beings. The grass of the tea bush is helpful for making herbal tea.

White pine weevil or white pine blister rust that is a form of fungus can severely damage this tree or can even kill it. Therefore is becomes extremely important for the cultivars to take utmost care of this plant. What they can do is to remove all the alternate host plants near this tree, as it would eliminate the growth of white pine weevil or white pine blister rust.

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Article Title: Buying White Pines Trees For a Border Evergreen From Your Local Plant Nursery

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