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A bulb is an underground vertical stem that has tailored leaves with thick bases. The leaves of bulbs are frequently used as food storage pedicles when the plant is dormant.

The leaves of the bulb generally do not support the leaves. Plants that form true bulbs include onions, garlic, lily, tulip, amaryllis, and Iris.

Most flower bulbs necessitate a cold climate to bloom perennially. In southern part of the country, bulb species have evolved that do not always need this recurrent frosty weather to multiply. These bulbs, which grow in Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas, include several species of narcissus, French Roman Hyacinth, and the tulip.

Bulbs are easy care plants. They are a lot easier to handle than tiny seeds. However, there are two provisos; you must choose the right bulb to grow. Once grown, bulbs are hardy with a good reputation for reliability and can be left in the ground to come up year after year. There are many bulbs to choose from like, Botanical tulips, snowdrops, grape hyacinths, narcissi and daffodils. There are others that have to be lifted out of the ground and stored for the year after; these are garden tulips, hyacinths and nearly all gladioli. You usually do that once the foliage is shriveled.

The second proviso is you must plant bulbs in the right place. There are two important things one must remember; the main one being that once the foliage dies down once the flowering is over- this can be quite unsightly with large plants. You must not cut these large plant off until it is brown and withered. The next important thing is to remember where to plant bulbs, since many bulbs spread quite rapidly by self-seeding. Thus, one should not set them too close to delicate plants which maybe over run.


When planting any bulbs like tulips or daffodils, plant the bulbs 10 cm (4in) deep and 10cm (4in) apart. Water the bulbs when the buds are rising to encourage large blooms and taller stems. Always top dress bulbs in autumn after planting. For long-term display, wait until the foliage has died off before cutting back. Also beware of slugs, they absolutely love tulips!

The bulbs grow well in a fertile, sandy soil and in a sunny location. Tulips like to be planted before the first frost or during the autumn and as late as November. They need cold weather to root. If you do grow them in containers, you must not forget to water them during the early spring when you might get dry, warm weather, or else the bulbs will dry out and all that hard work will be gone to waste.

If you love tulips than a visit to Keukenhof, is the place to go, where from March to May, about six million tulips will bloom. Since 1949, the Dutch bulb growers put on a display of all varieties and colours of tulips among sculpture exhibitions and other permanent garden displays. People travel from all over the world just to see the array of tulips. It is a breath taking site and a must for all tulip lovers.

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