Building a Backyard Storage Shed

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If you are in need of a storage shed, you have probably been searching the web for shed kits, or perhaps you've been thinking of building one yourself. Building your own shed will have its pros and cons vs. buying a kit.

If you have opted in buying the material needed, and building it yourself, here is a quick overview in the steps involved for such a project.

Begin by finding out any requirements or permits that might be required. Visit or contact your building department for building information and requirements in your area. Zoning laws can govern the size and or setbacks from buildings, fences, or property lines. You will also want to avoid building on top of any utility lines.

Once you now what you are allowed to build, you can begin by selecting the design that you want. Choosing a design to blend with your home or landscape will be ideal. Having plans is crucial for achieving good results. You can purchase or draw out your own plans. Studying how to build a shed books are a great resource for ideas.

Now that you have your plans, and have a good understanding of the building process you will need to choose the location. When choosing the location be aware of zoning laws and underground utility lines.
Choose your location carefully to avoid problems in the future.

The first step will be building a foundation. The most common shed floor are concrete and wooden skid foundations. A concrete will be permanent, unlike a skid. A skid foundation will allow you to move your shed, depending on its size. Begin by cleaning and leveling out the area to start building the foundation of your choice.

Next frame the walls according to the plans. In most cases you can install the siding to the wall frame while it is still on the floor. Installing the siding before you raise the wall will make installing the siding faster and easier.

Now that the walls are up, next step is building the roof truss. Build the roof truss according to the plans and install. Once the truss are installed and nailed, you can install the roof decking.

Installing the door, windows, trim, and shingles will be the final step. Painting and adding shingles to match and blend with your home will make the appearance pleasing.

If you have the time and patience, building your own shed is possible for most do it yourselfers. If you are handy with tools, and can follow plans, you can build your own shed, even if you have never built one before.

Another option will be buying a kit. A prefabricated kit will be easier than building from scratch and it is the most preferred method. Only common tools will be required to assemble these kits. When choosing a kit do your research to get the best shed that will meet your needs. Look for quality, appearance, and the warranty it carries. If you have the time and skills, you can buy the material and build your own shed that will outlast most shed kits.

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Doing research on how to build a shed will help you out for such a project. For some free shed plans and more information on storage sheds visit my site.

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Article Title: Building a Backyard Storage Shed

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