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When building a shed, wood is the most common material used. When you purchase lumber for your shed, inspect it for warping, twisting, and loose knots. You will also want to avoid buying unseasoned or green lumber. Unseasoned or green lumber can shrink and split as it dries.

Kiln dried lumber is a good for framing. Kiln dried wood is not as heavy as green, or unseasoned lumber. The better grades of kiln dried lumber won't crack, or twist, as bad as green, or unseasoned lumber.

The grades of lumber are 1, 2, 3, 4 common. No.4 common is the cheapest grade and usually has allot of open knots, and weak spots. For building a garden sheds, No.2 offers the best quality and price.

When building the shed foundation, consider using pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber will protects the wood from rot, decay, and insects. This lumber is strong and durable, it is also less expensive than redwood or cedar.

When using pressure treated lumber, take caution and wear gloves and a dust mask, when cutting, avoid breathing the dust. If possible, all treated lumber should be cut outdoors, to avoid indoor accumulation of airborne sawdust from the treated wood.

After working with treated lumber, wash your hands and all exposed areas thoroughly.
You can dispose of treated wood in an ordinary trashcan. Treated wood should never be burned because toxic chemicals can be produced as part of the smoke and the ashes.

Pressure treated lumber for the foundation will resist decay and rot, but adding a gravel base will be a good choice for more protection. The gravel base will provide a level, flat area that drains well. Adding a gravel base is a fairly simple process. Begin by removing about four inches of soil, and about twelve inches longer than the size of the shed. Fill the area with gravel, tamp using a hand tamper. Use a straight 2x4 eight feet long and a level to check, add or remove gravel as needed.

Plywood can be used for the side walls. Plywood is very strong, it will not split or crack, easy to install and the least expensive, making it a good choice to use for the side walls.

One of the best materials for the storage shed roof is CDX plywood sheathing, this is an exterior grade, good for asphalt shingles.

Remember to paint, stain or varnish your storage shed to protect it from the weather.

Before beginning the construction of any project check with local building and zoning department. By calling or visiting your local building and zoning department you can find out a few things about your project. Find out if your storage shed will be allowed by zoning regulations. Zoning might govern the size and the height of your shed and the location. Find out if you will need a permit to build a shed. If a permit is required, you might have to submit plans. If your project is approved you will need to buy a permit to display by the building site.

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