Bonzai Tree Seeds

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There are several varieties of Bonzai Trees available at Bonzai nurseries, but these can be very expensive. Another option for growing your own Bonzai Trees is to start them from seeds. Though you may not be able to reproduce the exact tree that you see in the nursery, you can create a miniature Bonzai Tree that is very similar.

It is important to understand that in actuality, there is no such thing as Bonzai Tree seeds. Bonsai Trees are grown from the natural seeds of trees and shrubs that are modified into miniatures through different pruning and growing techniques.
The one exception to this is the Japanese Yatsubusa Tree. This tree has been genetically modified to produce a miniature tree. The genetically modified Bonszai Tree is the result of being infected with a fungus. The fungus produces dwarf shoots when this disease affects the tree; and the seeds produced therefore inherit these genetics. For example, the Chinese Elms, Japanese Black Pines and Trident Maples are three species of Bonzai Trees that suffer from genetic modification due to fungus.

So, with this one exception there are no specific seeds that will produce a Bonzai Tree; therefore it is necessary to simply buy a seed for whatever species of tree that you want to grow into a Bonzai and use this to begin with.

If you do come across someone selling Bonzai Tree seeds, this is only labeling, as they are just the regular variety of seed. These will work to create your Bonzai Tree just the same. If you plant your seed and grow them in the proper way, you can create a Bonzai Tree from nearly any type of tree.

Remember, Bonzai Tree seeds are the same as any other type of tree seed and if they are not cared for correctly you will end up with trees that look the same as those in a forest, or your front yard.
Before deciding on which Bonzai Tree to grow from seed, first discover all you can about the different species and their care. Once you know the most important elements of growing the Bonzai, such as what type of soil to use, how much water the tree will need and how to prune your plant, you can grow a beautiful Bonzai Tree right from a seed.

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Author: Roberto Bell
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