Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard

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Backyard Bird Watching

If you like to watch the playing, curious nature and fluttering of birds, discovering bird watching in your own backyard or right outside your window can truly be a joy. It's remarkable just how many diverse species you can see. If you've never noticed very many birds in your yard, there are some things that you can try that will attract them. With bird baths, different kinds of bird feeders and a great bird house, you will soon have some special visitors.

If you were to put a birdhouse in your backyard, birds will potentially nest in it. They'll not only visit the birdhouse occasionally, but if it feels safe and cozy, they may choose it as where they hatch their babies. This would be a real delight since you could get a peek at the baby birds every so often, or when it is time for them to fly. Not only is a birdhouse a gorgeous backyard decoration, but it is a place the birds will like as well. Naturally, there are different kinds, shapes and sizes of birdhouses, and the one you decide on pretty much depends upon individual taste.

A bird bath is a wonderful addition to your backyard if you'd like to attract more birds. They like wading and splashing around in the water, and if it's kept clean, that's even better. You can choose from the more conventional bird baths, or you could opt for something different, like a solar powered fountain. A bird bath with moving water is more appealing to wild birds that customarily would not come to your regular bath, like humming birds, warblers, thrushes and robins. Birds particularly like moving water, and it attracts them easily. Bird baths also look amazing as garden accessories. There are some people that love bird baths for the fact that they make birds come closer than they normally would. This is the perfect opportunity to take some beautiful pictures, and just enjoy the birds' company.

You'll find that there are all sorts of different bird feeders on the market, and the majority of them are going to fall into three different categories. There are tube feeders, tray feeders, and hoppers. Tube bird feeders are cylindrical, with a landing place at the opening where the food is accessed. These are great for different types of seed, just as long as the hole is wide enough for the seed to fit through. Hopper feeders are attractive to birds that could be tentative about tray or tube feeders. Tray feeders are fantastic for smaller birds. If you don't really care what kind of birds are attracted to your yard, and you'd rather enjoy and appreciate whatever kind of visitor comes, you can purchase a general seed bird food. A lot of bird seed appeals to several different types of birds, since it's got many types of seed. If you would like to have a certain type of bird to visit your yard, then you will want to include a food or seed that appeals to that species.

Implementing these three things easily can make your backyard a little bit more friendly for birds. Some other easy things you can add are fragrant flowers, and nooks and crannies so the birds can hide. If birds feel safe and secure in your yard, they're going to stay longer. Happy bird watching!

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Author: E Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis is an leading expert who specializes in birdwatching and has written a number of articles associated with birdhouses and bird supplies. Check out to read her other highly recommended work on things such as various bird feeders, solar bird baths, bird houses and so on.

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Article Title: Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard

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