Big Leaf Periwinkle Vinca Major

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The Big leaf Periwinkle, Vinca major, is also known as Greater (rosy) Periwinkle, Big Periwinkle and Large Periwinkle. The plant is shrub-like and grows to 12" tall with trailing ascending stems; 1-3 feet long. The leaves are dark green and bigger than that of vinca minor. It has solitary violet flowers at the end of the stem. This ornamental plant is fast growing. The Greater Periwinkles are an evergreen, creeping plant with long trailing or arching stems.

The flowers are carried in the short, ascending stems. It flowers from April through frost. The leaves are shiny, bright-green and broad with a blunt base with hairy margins. It thrives in shady and damp areas; it will melt in full sun in the southern portion of its range. It is usually sold as an annual in zones 3-5 otherwise perennial. It can be used on banks or in other rough locations provided soil is suitable. Cut it back hard in the spring to rid plants of discolored foliage and to enjoy new growth.

The mature spread of the big leaf periwinkle is approximately 1-3 feet and it is widely adaptable to any soil type. The Big leaf periwinkle needs moist to medium moisture in order to be at its best potential. The mature form of the periwinkle is between 12-18 inches and has a growth rate of being a fast spreader.

The Big Leaf periwinkle needs full sun to partial sun in order to grow at its best. It produces a purple flower color that is a gorgeous color that is hard to be beat it is almost an indescribable color that goes well with any back drop or landscape. In the fall the color is a deep green so that your yard or landscape still looks festive and decorative. Don�t you get tired of looking out your window in the fall and winter months and seeing a dingy dull drab yard? With the periwinkle you can see some type of color all year long round rather it is a deep green or a bright purple.

The Big Leaf Periwinkle flowers from April to Frost so that you have a beautiful yard almost year round. The periwinkle is a great flower that makes any yard or area look well groomed and festive. Many families use the periwinkle around ponds or under decks because of its fast growth and dark green color it makes an open area look full and adds the right amount of color to any location.

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