Best Placement Of Indoor House Plants

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You should always select a specific plant species with placement in mind. All indoor plants comes with general guidelines on how much light they will require to thrive -- high, moderate or low. If you have your plant near a window use this info as a guide. Southern facing windows get the most intense light and northern facing get the least (about a quarter of southern facing). Both east & west get about half as much as southern facing windows. You should also consider the decor you have in the room. Shiny, reflective surfaces will intensify the light & heat while dull and dark surfaces will do the opposite.

Although plants need light, preferably sunlight, to grow they also need some period of darkness daily. Select a spot that will give them at least eight hours of sleep.

All house plants are sensitive to cold and hot drafts, especially flowering plants. It is not recommended you place any plants close to heating sources or drafty windows in the cold weather. You can easily move the pot off the ground onto a decorative plant holder to keep away from baseboard heat and unto the dining table to keep away from windows. You can seasonally change this configuration and it will freshen up your room also.

Since most indoor plants are tropical or sub-tropical they do enjoy a some level of humidity. If your space is very dry, specially if you have forced air heating, you can use a humidifier or easier still place several plants together in a grouping which increases the humidity for all of them.

Every so often, if possible, move your plant out to the patio or balcony for some fresh air and light. Of course this needs to be done during temperate weather months and only for short periods of time. Do not place it in direct sunlight outside, only indirect.

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