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Thought about growing your own food? Berries are a wonderful thing to grow and pick, and there are so many different kinds that if you have a large space to landscape, a varied assortment and quantity of luscious berries will be available from your local professional nursery. You can even save money with berries by buying the plants online, and most nurseries will have discounts for larger quantities.

Berries provide fantastic health benefits, especially blueberries with their antioxidant qualities. And you can get strawberry. blueberry, raspberry, boysenberry, bunchberry, deer berry, and dewberry plants. The variety of edible berry plants you can buy may be mind boggling, so let an expert guide you. And don't venture into the woods and start digging up any berry plants, or eating any berries that you see. Some could be very bad for you. Picking berries or strange mushrooms if you are not an expert, can make you really sick. You can save money with berries by growing your own, or even selling extra. Neighborhoods with a variety of plants in their gardens often swap vegetables and fruit with each other, and that way everyone gets an assortment of healthy and nutritious food to eat.

Nursery grown berries are juicy and they have been properly bred and nurtured. Businesses and even large companies that provide a place where their employees can grow food, find that just visiting a garden, even if you don't cook with any of the food, relieves stress and makes for a much healthier worker. And people find that getting back to nature makes them a better person socially. If a business wants to start a community garden, or one at their company, then wholesale quantities may be needed and good nurseries will have good websites, where someone looking for juicy berries or other plants will find great deals and easy deliveries.

One of the joy of berries, is that they can be made into so many dishes -- aside from the favorite -- pies. Blueberries are often used to top cereal or yogurt and fresh fruit in homemade ice cream is absolutely delicious. If you make something yourself, such as a berry tart, you control what goes into it and then you know that it is healthier than a store bought item. Homemade jam is a great way to save money with berries and that way, you will know that when your food is minimally processed, it is a much healthier way to go. Single ingredient foods that are full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, go a long way towards keeping people healthy, and getting them back on the road to recovery if they have been ill.

If you start with any one type of plant in a new garden, start with berries. They are certainly easy to grow, provide immediate use once ripe, can be bought in a hug variety of types and sizes and quantities, and you have the advantage, as with any professional nursery, of looking over the many types on the Web first. That way, you can soon have your berry tart, and eat it, too.

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Author: Tn nursery is a state certified tree nursery specializing in native plants and trees,shrubs,fern and perennials as well as pond plants and wetland mitigation species.

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Article Title: Berries Here, Berries There

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