Beekeeper Supplies � What Do You Really Need?

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When you decide to start a beekeeping business, you will need to find some specific equipment, from specialized suppliers, and these can be found locally or online. Now that is not meant to scare you off, because the amount of equipment you need is minimal, and the cost is also very reasonable, especially for a business that is just starting.

Beekeepers equipment will vary from beekeeper to beekeeper, depending on what he feels comfortable working with, and the type of hive he is using. Some people may have a certain item, while others won�t. But the items we describe here make up the basic equipment most starting beekeepers should have.

-The Smoker-

This is probably the most important piece of equipment a beekeeper can have. The smoker allows you to open the hives up and manage them without being stung. It just takes a couple of puffs from the smoker to keep the bees docile while you open the hive. When you don�t use a smoker, you will probably be stung more than once.

-The Bee Suit-

A good bee suit may not seem like such a necessary item, but it does pay for itself, especially when it keeps you from being stung. This suit keeps the honeybees from crawling into your hair, your clothes, etc, and thus stinging you after you leave the hive and the smoke effect wears off.

-The Bee Hat with Veil-

This is a hat which protects your face and hair. Some bee suits come with this items, but others won�t so you may have to buy it separately. The hat and veil protect the most sensitive areas of your body from being stung, like your neck, face, and head.

-Hive Tools-

These are really a necessity for every bee keeper. These are tools that come in different styles, but help you both open the hive and depending on the tool you buy scrape the frame for honey. There are actually many uses that the hive tools have.

-Bee Gloves-

These are long gloves that prevent bees from stinging your hands or arms, but are also made for ease of movement. Gloves really just need to be used in dangerous situations, and not, in every day maintenance.

-The Bee Brush-

This is a special brush used to remove bees from areas where you don�t want them, like on your person, or your clothes.

-Bee wrist and Ankle Straps-

These just give you an added layer of protection. They seal your pants and your sleeves so that the bees can�t run up your clothes and sting you after you leave the hive.

So, there you have it. This is the basic equipment you need to start your bee keeping business. Obviously some items are not as necessary as other items. For instance, you can live for a while without the wrist and ankle straps, if you use clothing that has elastic bands. You can also do without the bee brush, if you are extra careful with your clothing. Still it is best to get all the basic equipment and use it when necessary.

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Article Title: Beekeeper Supplies � What Do You Really Need?

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