Beautiful Orchids Grown in Hawaii

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Hawaii is famous for it beautiful and exotic flowers, most of all orchids. Orchids are used for dressing up a drink, decorating a tropical-themed room, or even making a lei. Orchid designs are often found on Hawaiian shirts and other souvenirs of Hawaii. In native Hawaiian culture, orchids are a symbol of love, joy, and friendship.

Orchids are cultivated in Hawaii to be sent all over the world. They grow wild on the islands of Hawaii due to the tropical climate and warm temperature year-round. Unlike some other tropical plants, orchids enjoy the relatively low humidity in Hawaii. They are grown on Hawaii for floral arrangements, to be sold as live plants, and for traditional flower leis. In fact, orchid cultivation is a major industry on Hawaii, where suppliers cultivate orchids for export to North America and around the world. Orchids can also be seen adorning homes all over the islands.

The orchid species is known for its large and colorful flowers; there are dozens of varieties grown worldwide, each with their own exotic shapes and colors. The Hawaiian islands are home to only three native orchid species. All three varieties of native Hawaiian orchid have sticky leaves and dull colored flowers when compared with other orchid species cultivated worldwide. These native species are becoming increasingly hard to come by because their rainforest habitat is being threatened by human activity.

The Liparis Hawaiensis, or twayblade, can be found on all of the major islands of Hawaii. It grows wild in the rain forest and grows to be about 16 inches tall. Most examples of the twayblade orchid are found at high altitudes. This species often grows high up on tree trunks. The twayblade sometimes blooms year-round, although most blooms are found from May to November. Their blooms are tiny, delicate, and greenish-white. Twayblade blooms are typically long-lasting.

The Plantanthera Holochila is an endangered species also known as the fringed orchid. It is only rarely seen on the Big Island. Some botanists speculate that it is already extinct on O'ahu, where its rare blooms have not been seen in over sixty years. The Plantanthera Holochila orchid thrives in wet conditions, like those found in bogs, and grows to be about 20 inches tall. It typically grows on the ground, in the shade. Its blooms form in dense clusters of up to 60 beautiful flowers with yellowish-green buds on spike-like stems. Unfortunately, is expected that the Plantanthera Holochila will soon be extinct, as only a handful still survive.

The most common orchid species in Hawaii, the Anoectochilus Sandvicensis, can be found on every major Hawaiian island, and is known as the "jewel orchid" for its beautiful foliage. Found high in the rain forests, this orchid species can grow up to 20 inches tall. Although it sometimes blooms year-round, most blooms are found from August to December. The flowers are yellow, and grow on thick stems.

Although these are the only three native orchid species, countless others can be found in the public gardens on Hawaii. These beautiful gardens house hundreds of orchid plants for visitors' enjoyment. Another way to enjoy exotic orchid species is to keep them in your home as a form of exotic d�cor. Though they are tropical flowers, some species can adapt to conditions found inside the typical home.

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Author: Rene Thompson
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