Beautiful Garden Designs Often Include Wall Fountains

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Truly stunning gardens complete with hardscape elements like wall water fountains do not fall into place overnight. Exceptional designs require a lot of thought and planning while taking into account the size and shape of the area you are going to design. Design ideas often begin with planning around natural elements like trees or your plan may involve the removal of some trees. Weather and overall climate are key considerations � including plant selection that will be most suitable for the climate conditions in your area.

Considerable time is usually spent on what plants, shrubs, and flowers will go best with each other, so as to have everything coexist in a way that is pleasing both to the eye and to nature. Will you have a desert theme? Perhaps an Asian theme would suit your desires? Or maybe even a rain forest theme? There are also tropical island themes and pine forest themes among others you could consider. You might even be able to mix some, such as an Asian/tropical theme blended together. The choices are many and each requires great attention to detail.

Gardening Style Decisions

Once you have made your decision on what style of garden you wish to design and build and what plants you wish to have, you can begin looking at the hardscape. Hardscape is the term for things you�ll have in your garden like decks, statues, streams, pools, and waterfalls, among other things. Water wall fountains are a common item that would be considered hardscape, and could have many uses in a garden. You could place one against your fence and have it act as the tributary to your stream or pond, or you can set it off to the side of your pond and have it surrounded on its sides and back by lush foliage or bamboo.

Wall fountains are made in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Where you choose to place your fountains in your garden is limited only by your own creativity. Will you have a gazebo as part of your garden? You could accentuate it by adding wall water fountains. You could put three wall fountains opposite the entrance facing inward so that as you sit you can relax to the sound of running water all around you. Another idea would be to alternate sides and have 3 sides with outward facing wall fountains adding a small modicum of privacy. You could also make the gazebo into a cave of sorts by placing wall fountains on all 5 non entrance sides facing out, and have foliage growing on top and around so you are left with one unique entrance.

Wall Water Fountain and Design Integration

The installation decisions and style selection of wall fountains in garden design are numerous and the planning will take a lot of time, effort and care. A garden is a peaceful place where one should be able to go and rest and feel revitalized. If even one design element is slightly off theme, it could greatly alter the desired visual feel you want and possibly leaving you less than pleased with your final product. If you want to make your garden truly stunning, you should understand that many beautiful garden designs often include wall fountains.

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Article Title: Beautiful Garden Designs Often Include Wall Fountains

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