Be an Artist and Plant a Garden

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The art of landscaping is a very fine art that requires full knowledge of the soil, the nature of growth forms and methods of cultivation, as well as colors of flowers to put them in place. Having the taste and the imagination to blend these broad elements to give the desired final shape of the garden is necessary.

Some of the goals of home gardening include highlighting the beauty of the building and the facade of the house, as well as providing shade and protection from the sun's heat and cooling the atmosphere. Also, environmental clean up of dust and reduce industrial pollution. Don't forget about breaking the winds and dust storms as well as soil stabilization. Providing quiet places for children to play safe from the various incidents and providing appropriate places for relaxation and peace of mind and nerve.

The design of the home park is important and must be completed before beginning the establishment of the park. This is the main reason for the failure of many amateurs.

Home landscaping design must be commensurate with the style of the land, the model of constructions overlooking it and the wishes of the owner of the house. To be simple in design is a dominant feature. There are several systems for planning parks: Engineering system (or regular) You can have bilateral symmetry or four-way or circular symmetry

The natural system- This design is traditional to nature without parity or symmetry, which gives the spirit of simplicity and beauty. The natural style is usually preferred in planning large spaces with many curved lines. The modern system: This system combines the nature on one hand, and some geometric shapes on the other hand. It is liberating the geometric lines from their severity. This style offers simplicity and possibility of living outside the home

Generally, There are many types of parks: Andalusian park; which highlights the nature of Arab and Islamic heritage and is usually beset with walls of tall trees and flowering adorned with mosaics and stone pathways arise besides the elegant fountains, ponds and flowers with wonderful fragrance and coordination.

The English park is characterized by the vast landscape of scattered trees, the straight and narrow corridors as well as limited types of flowers. Generally, it is asymmetrical and simple planning mimic nature in the distribution of plants and other forms of stock ponds nearby lakes. It is also characterized by presence walls and seats placed on both sides which are covered by growing plants like ivy or shrubs.

Japanese park - Japan is an ancient nation in landscaping and the most prominent feature is the tradition of nature in all its forms, we can see hill and valley, swamp and stone, a bridge, stalls, traditional Japanese umbrellas, and watershed, all are coordinated with asymmetric selection of types of trees, shrubs and flowers.

French Park: Characterized by delicate architecture and decoration, as well as complete harmony and full regular coordination of ponds with geometric shapes of trees as in the gardens of Versailles and the other medieval ones that depict exactly this type of gardening.

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Author: Annie Deakin
Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer.

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Article Title: Be an Artist and Plant a Garden

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