Basic Beekeeping Tools � What Do You Really Need?

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When you first start a beekeeping business you may feel overwhelmed with the huge amount of choices you have when it comes to beekeeping equipment. There are a lot of beekeeping product suppliers, and unless you are familiar with the basic equipment you will need, you won�t know what basic beekeeping tools you will need, and which you won�t. In this article, we will go over the basic equipment you need, and what you absolutely must have, and what you can do without.

-The Most Important Equipment is the Hive-

First you need to think about the hives you get. The hive is the absolute most important piece of equipment you have, and you need to take the time to educate yourself and find the right hive for your needs, the type of beekeeping you want and the area you are in.

When you choose your bee hive you can�t let the cost affect your decision. You need to choose a hive that is well constructed, made of quality wood. If you can find red cedar, all the better. You see, cedar smells good and is also very attractive. Pine is also used for hives but it isn�t as stable as other types of wood. Hives that are made of cedar will not warp and the oils keep the wood very stable.

Once you have looked at different types of hives and asked other local beekeepers what the best hive is for your area, and have chosen the one you want, then its time to go on and look for other equipment.

-The Bees Themselves-

At this point you will need to decide on whether or not you plan on buying a bee colony, or whether you plan on harvesting a swarm. It is easier to buy them, and less dangerous and risky than harvesting them, although it is a little more expensive too.

-The Smoker-

Your next essential item is the "smoker." This item is what allows you to check the hive without being stung. A puff or two of smoke calms the bees down and lets you check the hive while they are disoriented. The smoker allows you to manage the hives safely. When you don�t use one, you need to have a top-bar hive, or you risk the chance of being stung.

-Protective Apparel-

You should also get some protective clothing like a bee suit so that you protect yourself from being stung, while you work on the hives. The protective clothing also keeps the honey bees from getting into your clothing. Not only that, but a bee suit will also keep you cooler when you work in the sun.

-Hive Tools and Gloves-

You need to use hive tools to extract the honey and the wax from the hive, you also need the tools to open the hive up. Hive tools come in handy for everything you need that relates to hives.

Gloves are also an item that you might consider getting. Gloves will keep bees from stinging your hands and wrists. They will also help you keep bees from going up into your skin, and stinging you.

Other smaller items you will need are bee feed and honey comb supplies, which the supplier can help you acquire. Essentially that is all the equipment you will need to start your beekeeping business. As you can see, for a business, the investment is minimal. This is good news if you are looking for a home based business that will bring in that extra income you need.

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Article Title: Basic Beekeeping Tools � What Do You Really Need?

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