Bare Root Burning Bush

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The Burning Bush is a shrub with such a vibrant color in the fall that it was named thusly because it literally looks like a bush on fire. In the summer, the leaves are a deep, dark green that turn to a scarlet-orange color in the autumn. With small bright red-orange berries, combined with the fiery scarlet foliage, it does indeed display the hues and tones of a burning bush. Birds love these berries! The burning bush is native to eastern Asia in places such as Korea, China and Japan. It is a favorite ornamental amongst landscapers and gardeners due to its brilliant colors.

There are numerous varieties of Euonymus but the best for autumn color is the burning bush. These basically fall into two categories are the Euonymus alata (nicknamed �Winged Euonymus� or �Winged Spindle� or �Winged Burning Bush�) and Euonymus alata compacta [Latin names]. Please note that some places will say �alatus�

Euonymus alata is an older variety that can grow as tall as 12 -15 feet. The bark will intrigue even the most seasoned gardener or landscaper, as the bark is cork-like and has winged edges that flare out along the branches. The flowers are a green-yellow which go over a long period in the spring. The fruit is a red plant structure [or aril] enveloped in a four-lobed pink, orange or yellow capsule.

The Euonymus alata compacta is the more common variety. It averages 6 � 10 feet. These also have �wings� on the branches, however they aren�t as easily noticeable as those in the other category. The measurements above for both categories are those that have not been trimmed. It is best not to prune these shrubs as they have a typically uniform growth pattern, but they can be clipped lightly. The older branches can be pruned immediately after blooming, but the heavier clipping or pruning should be done in the dormant winter season. Mice and rabbits love to nibble on the burning bush in the winter. They make excellent hedges or borders, with shrubs planted about 2 feet apart.

These hardy shrubs prefer well-drained soil but they will tolerate all soils, including acidic and alkaline soils. They even tolerate drought well or shall it be said, that they will not die quickly if deprived optimal irrigation however, it should be noted that insufficient watering will hinder the development of the fall colors. It does best in full sun but will also tolerate shade, which is why they do well in the woodlands. If these are kept in the shade, it will result in inferior color and reduced density. Their intrusion into the woods is considered a nuisance by some states. The burning bush is indeed a maintenance free shrub and makes an attractive shrub border, hedge or accent for your landscape. Indeed, these shrubs boast of versatility and hardiness.

One of the pests that favor the burning bush is the microscopic spider mite. These tiny insects are almost invisible to the naked eye, but they like to suck the nutrients from the leaves on the burning bush. They multiply incredibly fast once they have made a home on the shrub and can defoliate the plant in a very short time (weeks). Here is a simple test to see if spider mites are taking up residence on your bushes. Place a small sheet of white paper under a branch and strike the branch with a pencil. If you see tiny �specs of dust moving�, they are spider mites. This problem can be addressed easily enough. If you prefer to avoid using chemical sprays, the spider mite problem can easily be controlled with a soap and water mixture.

All plantings require care but the burning bush is low maintenance overall. The burning bush adds the perfect touch to your landscape and is found at your favorite nursery.

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Author: Tn nursery is s state certified tree nursery specializing in native plants and trees,shrubs,fern and perennials as well as pond plants and wetland species.

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