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One of the types of bushes gaining popularity in use as a hedge is the American Holly. Out of the many types of bushes and hedges available to plant, the Holly makes a beautiful addition while being very easy to maintain. The ease of growing and adaptability of planting conditions are causing the classic holiday bush to become even more mainstream as everyday hedges.

Privacy and noise reduction are two of the major reasons why a person would decide to plant hedges around the lawn area. American Holly is able to reduce a good portion of the unwanted sound due to it's thickness of foliage. This full, dense leafage also makes for one of the best natural screens as well. The beauty of the hedge makes the Holly a choice in demand as well. The vivid dark green shiny leaves are nice to look at all year round, but when the white fruit flowers and the sharp red of the fruit are played against the green, it is quite breathtaking.

Humans are not the only ones to enjoy the American Holly. Many varieties of birds also like to frequent the safety of the holly as well. They are able to nest in the inner branches while having the protection of the pointed leaves against more furry predators who may be lurking. The leaves have another great advantage in that they are able to rake up quite easily. Even after they drop off of the hedge, they don't break apart as easy when cleaning them up.

Deciding on where to plant the American Holly is not a difficult task. The tough and hardy Holly is able to do well in a variety of soils and areas, primarily being grown around the 5 through 9 zones. Watering is hardly ever needed, and basic maintenance is usually just pruning. Since the bush is being trained into a hedge shape, it needs to be pruned to keep the size and shape in check to where you want it. December is a good time to prune the bush back, and the vibrant clippings can be used in all sorts of holiday d�cor. The Holly is a very traditional holiday addition with a background which extends even into pagan winter celebrations. With the green and red colors of the leaves and berries, it is not hard to see why the beauty of this plant is invited into the home every winter.

With so many reasons to pick the Holly to use as a hedge around a lawn area, many more nurseries and farms are going to have to work harder to meet the demand. If you have a real green thumb, you may be able to take a few small starts from an established bush and get them going to grow for your yard area. Since the American Holly calls so many areas around the United States home, it should be easy to get a great looking Holly hedge around the yard growing in no time.

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Author: Tammy Sons

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