Add Some Things of Interest to Your Garden

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The subject of gardening is so huge that there are hundreds and hundreds of ways you could add some iterest to your garden. There are many different categories that the interesting points in your garden can fall into as well from the way you choose to group different coloured plants together, to sculptures and water features.

If you would like to create a focal point of your plants you can do this by grouping together specimens of a similar look and feel as well as the before mentioned blocks of colour. There are many different textures, shapes and sizes too that may help you choose how to group plants together.

You could add items into you garden to make it more functional and easy to relax in such as chairs, benches and tables. Or why not section of a part of the garden to concentrate on herbs and other useful things for the kitchen such as small vegetables like onions and radishes.

An unusual addition to your garden that might work quite well could be a mirror. Mirrors can be used to good effect in the garden in just the same way as they can be used indoors as they create the illusion of size. Strategically placed mirrors will also allow you to see parts of your garden that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to. For example, you may have planted some nice colourful flowers behind a tree which wouldn't normally be in view from where you sit at your garden table. Mirrors can also be used to increase the available light in dark corners.

If you would like to increase the privacy available in your garden as well as creating more focal points and even protection for delicate plants, why not consider planting a hedge. Hedges also make great places for birds to forage and nest. They can also add to the interest in your garden, especially if you are of an artistic nature by using topiary techniques to add shape and style to the hedge.

The sound of running water for some people as they sit in the garden enjoying a refreshing drink can be relaxing. There are so many water features on the market now that you are sure to find something to create the exact effect you are looking for. Also, it may be worth considering shopping around for solar powered water features. These are becoming more and more popular as they remove the need to dig up your garden to install electrical cable. Water features are also great for keeping the birds interested in your garden, especially as water may be hard to find in the Summer months.

If you are thinking about statues and sculptures but you think they may be a little over the top, especially if you have a small garden, why not consider using groups of rocks and pebbles to create some abstract elements in the garden. You could also create a static water feature out of stones and pebbles too.

These are just a few things you may want to consider adding to your garden to create a little more interest. There are lots and lots more. Everything from bird tables to sun dials, you are only limited by your imagination.

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Article Title: Add Some Things of Interest to Your Garden

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