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Think about it. Would you get ready for an elegant soiree without putting on your earrings or your cufflinks? Or would you even dare to give a birthday present you�ve painstakingly searched for and selected days in advance, without wrapping it and adding some lovely ribbons and a bow? Probably not. Much as we are in the habit of adorning items (including ourselves) to enhance attractiveness and appeal, so too can we adorn our gardens to enhance their appeal.

The ornaments we can use for decorating our gardens can only be limited by our imagination. Let me list a few items. There are statues, wind chimes, plant stakes, water features, birdhouses, garden sculptures, rocks, furniture, pergolas. You can get ornaments that can be both functional and decorative. They can create divisions between areas of your garden, or they can hide an unsightly corner. What you use them for is up to you, but the garden d�cor you use will make a statement about you and your personality, as well as create your garden�s own individuality.

If you want to add some ornaments or d�cor to your garden, it is recommended that you take into account the trees, plants, flowers, landscape, the surrounding walls, and your own taste. Bear in mind the unique style of your garden, as well. Is it a natural woodland? Or perhaps it�s a lush Victorian garden abundant with climbing roses and wicker furniture? Certain ornaments lend themselves to particular styles. For example, a classic white marble statue would go well with boxwood and neatly-arranged stone urns. But it would look quite out of place in a desert garden filled with terra cotta and spiny cacti.

Waterfalls or fountains would add a significant boost to the life of your garden. Water elements can vary from simple creations to elaborate designs. They can be peaceful and placid as they flow in a quiet stream, or they can splash and spray as they playfully cascade over rocks and structures. Water can attract birds and mask noises from the outside, too. Aside from the inherent beauty that water provides, your garden will benefit from the decorative structures you use to contain it.

You can also use sculptures as artistic elements. These can be made out of any material, but metal is popular because of its propensity to rust and develop a strange beauty through prolonged exposure to weather. Gates are a wonderful feature to add to home gardens, especially those with patios, terraces, or just about any large garden space. These are wonderful examples of both functional and decorative pieces, and can range from a plain wooden door to the most intricate wrought-iron creation. Gates can also invoke an air of privacy, or they can be open and inviting. Gates are such a charming feature in a garden, consider adding one even if it leads to nowhere.

Don�t be afraid to try different ornaments and features, and discover what appeals to your personal tastes and what complements your garden�s style. You will be adding beauty, enhancing the existing personality of your garden, to reflect that which is uniquely you.

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Author: Azlan Irda
Mary Jean Watson is a researcher and writer working for, where you can get all the best garden d�cor at the best prices. Visit us for all your garden decor needs.

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