10 Ways to Create Backyard Breathing Space

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Everybody needs time to slow down and breathe. Too much paper, too many appointments, too many demands; Minutes, hours, days of stressful demands can take a toll. Sometimes tension and anxiety manifest themselves in shallow constricted breathing. But, simple deep breaths are known to relax the body. When you're taking deep breaths, you're also drawing in oxygen�infusing yourself with it. Sometimes the perfect stress buster is a fresh air infusion. So, if you are in need of a quiet place to stop and exhale, it may be closer than you think. Look to your own backyard to find some breathing space.

1. Say �Ahhh�.�
Sometimes real relaxation requires a creative approach. Think about the things that make you say, �Ahh�.� What causes you a peaceful sigh? If the thought of a porch rocking chair sends you to a better place, jot that down. Sometimes the most dramatic renovations start with a simple idea. In order to discover relaxing space in an ordinary place you need to take a slow walk and a long look at your yard. How can you incorporate the things that bring you peace into your yard?

2. Trade Spaces
Exchange that office tension for a private getaway. Start by creating a plan. Dream and take notes. Even the smallest of yards can be optimized in a way that allows personal relaxation. Yards that are low on space simply force designing homeowners to decide what matters most in life. So, what matters most? Jot it down. If pets have overrun the lawn, consider how to best �share� the space and relegate messes to one place. If you enjoy grilling out with friends, set aside some grill, deck, or table area. Your lifestyle will determine if you need rooms for dining, playing, sitting, gardens, or pets. Your list will help clarify the perfect �getaway.�

3. Retrain your brain.
There is no sense in creating a space you don�t use. Relaxation is a choice. No matter the design or elements you choose, if you do not take full advantage of your new breathing space, it�s a waste. Determine to schedule time to recharge and rewind. You can�t prevent stress, but you can learn to intentionally counter it with relaxation.

4. Make your yard relax with you.
Even 30 minutes of �me� time a day makes a difference. The activity needs to be chosen intentionally. Consequently, so does the type of yard you choose. If you enjoy a yard full of flowers because the gardening is your lifestyle, then choose to add blooming space and lawn. If weeding means de-stressing, and you have the time, go for the gardens!

However, if the thought of weeds or mowing keeps you out of the yard, design your space for minimal work. Skip the perennial bed and go for self-sufficient shrubs and no-hassle walkways. Be careful to choose the amount of maintenance that will cause peace and fulfillment. Don�t create a yard that causes you to stress out.
5. Turn off the Noise.
It is okay to do nothing. Sometimes it is necessary to turn off noise. Establish a tucked away spot where you can sit quietly and take in natural sounds like wind, buzzing bug wings, and the splash of a birdbath. Leave time to let the rhythms of your breathing be your music.

6. Indulge your Interests.
Use the landscape in a way that unlocks your personality. If your children are constantly in your backyard with the neighbors, make sure their space is open for safe, fun playtime. Swing sets, enclosed trampolines, slides or zip-lines are classic and timeless favorites that earn their keep in kid-time spent outdoors instead of hours logged on the latest video game. If your pulse slows while you�re grilling, include a barbeque patio, or grill on the deck. If outdoor cooking is your passion, make sure you leave space for good eats.

7. Ignite a Flame.
Fireside gatherings bring magic to an evening and distract thoughts from everyday worries. Consider incorporating a clay chiminea or brass fire pit on the lawn. Single candles on tabletops also flicker with enchanting light. Fireplaces bring people together but always use caution. Pay close attention to child safety and local fire codes.
8. Inhale Deeply.
Experiment with scents and smells to find your personal aromatherapy preferences. Discover which aromas make you feel more energetic and productive. Pay attention to what makes you feel calm and centered. Enlist your favorites when you feel the need to focus or relax. Line seating areas with potted herbs or beds of fragrant flowers. Sage, basil, thyme, and mint bring their own fragrances.

9. Set it Down.
Do more than stand. Sit. Recline. Sprawl. Choose backyard furniture to enhance your relaxation experience. Look for a comfortable, quality table and chairs. Consider a hammock for that special spot. Benches and swings work well on decks and between trees. A patio glider or porch rockers placed beside the garden for a rest spot or tucked in an alcove for reading, napping or meditating.
10. Repeat.
When the demands start to pile up and you feel the need to focus or relax, take a retreat. When the breathing starts to get shallow and the tension returns, come on back. Open the backdoor, engage your space to breathe. Repeat as necessary.

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Author: Kimberly Aardal
Kimberly Aardal, publisher of EveryDayRockingChairs.com is passionate about living life to the fullest. She spends a great deal of time hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and exploring quaint mountain towns. She writes industry reviews of rocking chairs and enjoys a wide variety of rocking relaxation in the form of porch rocking gliders, indoor rocking chairs and more.

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Article Title: 10 Ways to Create Backyard Breathing Space

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